Nokia E66

Nokia E66

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  • Leso69

Is the e66 a 2g or 3g phone as Australia has turned of the 2g network and my phone has stopped but most reviews say it can work on both networks.

  • micheal

does e66 china model play symbian games

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for a while back then and it was the best thing ever very reliable

I never knew there was a slider phone of the E Series. You learn something new every day.

  • Irfan

mclean, 09 Feb 2016which antivirus is best to support my Nokia E66NetQIN

  • Anonymous

great phone, anniversary version?

  • Vikesh

My nokia e66 not charging and not turn on what can i do?

  • Anonymous

dave, 11 Jul 2014download youtube from the nokia store and it works on normal GPR... moreYoutube

  • cokia chaa

Features such as camera, design
were nice about this phone and is a
value for money, however it failed in
terms of memory/data breakdown.
Just overnight all my photos music
and downloads were gone. Phones
been repaired under warranty but it
still exhibit all the same issues.
Phone also resets my internet
subscription. Cannot resell in the
market as not much of an eye candy

  • kaium

where I get the viber, whatsapp, skype software for the phone

  • Zetx

mclean, 09 Feb 2016which antivirus is best to support my Nokia E66LOL u do not need antivirus with this one

  • mclean

which antivirus is best to support my Nokia E66

  • AnonD-475985

my favorite Nokia e66

  • Dreadless Porosh

Nokia e66 has supper performance. This is my most favourite symbian phone.

  • Renjith Stunt Rockin

My Fav Phone

  • Ren jith

My faw phone

  • AnonD-73094

Best mobile phone i ever used.

  • markvera

dheerya, 29 Dec 2013where the downloded games go? go to this site or type this on google search games for nokia e66 you will see all websites or try ngage game

  • abhi

good phone

  • Zett

Sudhakaran K Nair, 09 Jun 2015I bought a Nokia E66 three years back from dubai.Now the problem... moretry to do factory reset, or use phoenix tool to flash firmware