Nokia E66

Nokia E66

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  • dera

im playing around with one at the moment, still a demo model so might change with retail, screen is very bright and sharp, wifi feels faster than my n95, gps lock on is a bit better with a-gps off. keypad is great.

  • Prabhu

Awesome specs.... Gonna get it soon :)

  • i forgot

The phone looks pretty alright but it's still a classic design as most of the Nokia phones practically are except maybe the Xpress Music series and a few Nseries like N96 and N78 to name a few. The specifications are quite high but it's still pretty demanding for the flagship Eseries phone. Many Nseries are able to do better and still be a mainstream multimedia phone. The best point of this phone is its outstanding batter life. 1200 mAh is a remarkable feat in such a thin form factor. Honestly this ought to attract office-goers and travellers who are not always in the right position to charge their phone. Not to say that it also has does make an outstanding business phone!

  • Odietz


  • -SKa

Finally announced!