Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 finally out

16 June, 2008

After tons of leaked info and photos, Nokia finally announced officially the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 Symbian smartphones. They shouldn't have bothered, since the full specs and press photos surfaced online quite some time ago, but nevertheless it's good to know that Nokia keeps track of its future phones.

The Nokia E71 has got a full hardware QWERTY keypad and comes as a successor of the Nokia E61i. The Nokia E71 brings much more style to the E-series since it packs a waistline of only 10mm. However the display has shrunk a bit to 2.36 inches (as compared to the 2.8-inch one of Nokia E61i).

Nokia E71 Nokia E71 Nokia E71 Nokia E71 Nokia E71 Nokia E71
Nokia E71 White Steel and Nokia E71 Grey Steel

The Nokia E66 is the same business-grade device as the Nokia E71, however without the QWERTY keyboard. It comes as a successor of the Nokia E65 and is equipped with a large 2.4-inch TFT display of QVGA resolution. Infrared port (are they serious?), microUSB port, and Bluetooth (A2DP and EDR) are also on board.

Nokia E66 will also sport a built-in accelerometer, which would allow auto screen rotation, as well as silencing of incoming calls when the device is turned over.

Nokia E66 Nokia E66 Nokia E66 Nokia E66 Nokia E66 Nokia E66
Nokia E66 White Steel and Nokia E66 Grey Steel

Besides that both the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 feature built-in GPS receiver which works with Nokia Maps, 3 megapixel auto focus cameras capable of shooting video in up to VGA resolution at 22 fps (which is actually usable) and of course - HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity. Also both come equipped with microSD card slots that will allow expanding the available 110MB memory with up to 8GB worth of additional storage.

Email messaging is the highlight of both devices as they both support a wide range of personal and corporate email standards such as Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email solution, as well as System Seven and Visto Mobile. These new Symbian smartphones also come with a new switch mode for switching between personal and work home screens. Encryption is also on board as well as mobile VPN support.

Dressed in stainless steel cases and etched graphics (E51-style), the new handsets will be available in grey steel or white steel colors. Both Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 are expected to begin shipping in July and both devices are expected to retail at 350 euro before taxes and subsidies.


Reader comments

  • inflamatio

Hm, people are confusing about lack of touchscreen. Guys, relax about it. Was using HTC Touch Dual (Niki) for 2 month. As more i used this phone, as more i hated it. Any text entry makes much troubles. Nothing compares to tactile feelings. tommoro...

  • Paul

im currently using the nokia E51, the new distinct keypads are very good plus wi-fi in such a small phone? thats the breaker, i used to have a sony p990i i only wanted it for the wifi but now? im so happy, except the fact that the 2megapixel cam is n...

  • Anonymous

i am using the E61i. its the best phone i have ever used. i believe the new one would be better

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