Nokia E66 and Nokia E71 finally out

16 June, 2008
After tons of leaked info and photos, Nokia finally announced officially the Nokia E71 and Nokia E66 Symbian smartphones. They shouldn’t have bothered, since the full specs and press photos surfaced...

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  • inflamatio

Hm, people are confusing about lack of touchscreen. Guys, relax about it. Was using HTC Touch Dual (Niki) for 2 month. As more i used this phone, as more i hated it. Any text entry makes much troubles. Nothing compares to tactile feelings.
tommorow i'll get E71. yeeeaah! Nokia forever!!!

  • Paul

im currently using the nokia E51, the new distinct keypads are very good plus wi-fi in such a small phone? thats the breaker, i used to have a sony p990i i only wanted it for the wifi but now? im so happy, except the fact that the 2megapixel cam is not as good as i wished, no autofocus, no flash or whatever AND the gallery? very bad. though im happy it has zip files where i can put passwords on videos and pictures you wouldnt want the world to see. hahaha. so im hoping the E71 and E66 would be a lot better!!!

  • Anonymous

i am using the E61i. its the best phone i have ever used. i believe the new one would be better

  • Safe

Ife oni, 26 Jun 2008I hav used this phone.i tell ya its a nice phone indeed.a kudos ... moreLong live nokia

  • Ife oni

I hav used this phone.i tell ya its a nice phone indeed.a kudos is given to nokia

  • mmm

hiiiiiiiiii idont what is the goal of relesing new phones with the same shapes and look ,may be the features will be difrent.

  • Shou Ji

Main disadvantage :

-The operating system are the oldest Symbian 9.2 s60v3 Featured Pack 1, not the newest Symbian 9.3 s60v3 Featured Pack 2 like Nokia N78, N96, or Samsung SGH-L870 Soul.
-Only single chip processor. Nokia said the E-Series is only for bussines not multimedia like N-Series.

  • Anonymous

Major improvement should have been editing of office documents on the go !! All other standard phones have this option...when will Nokia have this

  • O.o

very nice

  • Zbrhl

And what about recharching battery through USB? Do these phones have it already?

  • Anonymous

3.5 mmjack and tv . business man need access to email on the go thrue blackberry server now nokia offers a good email phone but dint put tv out !!! what about advretising the wireless bluetooth keyboard

  • uzi

some ppl like big phones and some like small ones. i think th E71 is a great phone, since im a texting freak. can't wait to get my hands on one.

  • phil

zeein, 19 Jun 2008@anupam LOL... open ur eyes n look at n76 desigh... every body... moreoh my god~~moto fan boy.... the n71 came out way~~~ b4 the moto Q, and stop saying every flip phone is a copy of v3. even if they copy it, why not?? its all marketing~~ its about who does it better, not questioning who's ideal is it. and i have no doubt nokia does a great job. and i am not a nokia fanboy

  • Anonymous

Mobile Developper, 20 Jun 2008Nokia confirms again with top leading sony-erics... moreit all depends on what u mean. with SE releasing the first 8mp camera phone as well as the firt non symbian phone to have wifi surely its nokia who are laggin behind? ive had both nokias and SE and personally both have their flaws.. ive currently got the N81 8gb and that crashes non stop even with the updated firmware.. personally id say SE are market leaders always will be as well

  • Mobile Developper

Nokia confirms again with top leading sony-ericsson ever gonna catch up ?!

  • zeein

open ur eyes n look at n76 desigh... every body know that its design looks like motorazr... n than u must see at n71 design... can u see that its design is adopted from moto Q?????
be clever please...

  • Lord Rocketz

I got my mits on an E71 yesterday..... and 24 hours later. It is the best phone ever. Really. Size wise. The software tweaks. The keypad. I have placed my P1 on the shelf and will not be taking it down again. Ever. I will not invest in an Experia either because all windows mobile devices are like running the 100m in quicksand

  • Shou Ji

Yes,other enterprise series finally out.
If u're boring with that design,just wait for Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic(was told to be the first s60 with touchscreen). Coming this year.

  • Criteria

Hey guys, pls stop all this nonsense.
This comment column is not for u to debate.
Do co-operate and stop being so childish.

  • Anonymous

hahaha, yea oh maybe the N95 is a copy of the razr??? what do you think?? man why can't we all live in has to be war...and i say.....bring it on...