Nokia E7

Nokia E7

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  • Anonymous

nokia's phones are always the best in every means..
best according to their price,specifications, price,everything...
i love nokia...

  • ottawaBoy

the E7 does have a front facing VGA cam for video calling. It is posted and displayed on the official Nokia websites !!

  • Mobilemaster

dj_cristi, 14 Sep 2010it doesn't have card slot !!! don;t know why, but this is a big ... moreIt has, what are you talking about??

  • Anonymous

Samsung Galaxy s i9000 is much much better than this phone on spect wise. Nokia has decided to reduce the fans or loyal customers....

  • dj_cristi

it doesn't have card slot !!! don;t know why, but this is a big minus on this phone

  • sameer

did u see the 1gb rom ....

  • GRV

n8 is much better than this one after comparison

  • Anonymous

in nokia specifications says (Secondary camera for video calls (VGA, 640 x 480 pixels)>>>­kia-e7-00/specifications

  • Golden Eagle

Oooh Nokia! why you are going down? ... :(
why you don't mix two OS in the phone same N900??
and What the hell is this?
360 x 640 pixels in 4.0 inches
is that only what you got?
176 grams??? O.O' are you kidding
256MB RAM for business phone???
Please do some thing for that study people needs carefully or you will lose your fans... :(

  • mato

no divx/xvid player.

  • anand

there is a correction to be made in the camera specs.. a secondary camera for video calling is available in NOKIA E7.. Secondary camera for video calls (VGA, 640 x 480 pixels).. it would be a shame if such a high end phone has no secondary camera although its a small one..but better than nothing...

  • Anonymous

where is Carl Zeiss lens !!!

  • repulsive

no notification LED? :-/

  • Peter

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2010no fm transmiter??well, I'm not sure! you know even Nokia C7 has FM Transmitter which is cheaper than this phone

it might be an error from GSMA or something!!

  • Gideon

Guys check this out­kia-e7-00/specifications
The E7 HAS a secondary video camera for video calling! I am so getting this phone!

  • Srijith ES

Awesome design!!! But the price???

Anyways looks cool!!!

  • Me

What about processor and ram? And 360x640 pixel for 4 inch screen wtf...Nokia please do something right!!!

  • Anonymous

there is no secondary camera??itz definitely gonna be a disadvantage!!! i feel bad

  • jame

Nokia cheat us again n again.
Nokia have low experien of touch phone than other company.
I m a fan of nokia since 8850 but I really disappoin wit nokia since i m a HTC fan cos it good at touch phone

  • Anonymous

GVS, 14 Sep 2010The slimmest qwerty enabled hybrid orientation style touch smart... moreJust sliced a millimetre off the Droid/Milestone 2