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Nokia E71

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  • Dipu

javimaxwel, 16 Jun 2019 i still use this phone extreme perfect just asking whwre did ... moreIs wlan available in this phone?

  • Carlito

Greetings Nokia Fans!

Have a query for you?

My dad has had my old faithful E71 for a good few years now but now needs to move onto a newer phone on the Android platform in order to use apps like Whatsapp and Gmail for everyday use.

Therefore my question is:

What's the best way to sync and transfer his data onto a PC?
I used Nokia Suite back in the day but couldn't find it supported on Nokia's website :(

Cheers for any advice and help x

  • Anonymous

My first phone is nokia e71..The phone is great but i have losed phone by an accident..I want to buy the phone again...

  • javimaxwel

i still use this phone extreme perfect
just asking whwre did nokia of the times go?????

  • Anonymous

Great Symbian Phone with Slim body and beautiful design. I love Symbian.

  • Anonymous

A Masterpiece in its time

I was expecting the camera to be just as good as the Nokia N95, given the price of the phone (at the time in 2008). Let's just say I was really disappointed.

  • J

Not too bad
The phone is one of the best during those times

  • LucasGaming

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2018this phone has no wlan or wi-fi Lol it does you just dont know how to set it up

  • arsene lupin

nope, it has wlan. It can be connected to any wifi network. But there are e71 made in finland that are dual sim! How is that possible

Arsenelupin of albay philippines

128MB of RAM. Look how far phones have come since then.

  • Rick

Whatsapp has stopped working as whatsapp Inc. Has itself withdrawn it's service from java/symbian and blackberry!!!!

  • Anonymous

this phone has no wlan or wi-fi

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2018I noticed browser/email won`t connect anymore any site starting ... moreThere is not any site to reinstall offline ovimaps! My maps won`t start in this phone after factory reset! Yes, Microsoft wanted to kill all like we used these phones for them somewhere in... antiquity maybe in 70-s or 80-s! And some 5 years ago I could still find them selling (yes, these symbians!) in some shops! To clean all as never existed - what a shame and unseriosness for your former buyers/users, you (old) Nokia... disconnecting people!

  • Anonymous

I noticed browser/email won`t connect anymore any site starting https://... Microsoft killed all in symbian and Nokia was not interested to keep their customers as promised until 2016! What unseriousness! And the new present Nokia is not what it was original company, just only a Chinese stuff!

  • tsl

one of superb nokia phone i love this!!

  • Anonymous

Mine cant connect to whatsapp anymore

  • Madhu

Blue, 19 Jan 2018Totally agree with youAgree with you brother...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-724207, 15 Apr 2018Hi Anonymous Does your E71 still accessing the internet in full?... moreSorry I didn't use E71 anymore. Mine was lost in a taxi few years ago. But I love this phone so much. It's beautiful, slim, and very good built quality, it's one the best phone I've ever had.

  • AnonD-724207

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2018It's a great classic phone and collector's item lolHi Anonymous Does your E71 still accessing the internet in full? Because mine only connects to facebook and occasionally some sites but no emails, otherwise it works OK