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Nokia E71

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khofi, 09 Apr 2023download opera min 7.10 sisxWhy would you want to use Facebook on this phone?

    MANHAR, 29 Feb 2024I want this phone How can buy?I have it
    No battery and It no longer works. Can you pay $1300?

      I want this phone
      How can buy?

        I almost forgot about that. I use to own this phone and I use to do that with my music with them on the phone, S40 Nokias like the 6230 high-end flagship feature phone did that as well. Also, the built in Symbian Music player also showed you the bitrate for the songs which sadly Android does not. I have said it before and I will say it again, Symbian has better features than Android.

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          • Pablo
          • fuZ
          • 23 Sep 2023

          Anonymous, 25 Mar 2023Did you know the Nokia E71 can record videos using its came... moreU can also play music through earphone during call and the person u communicating with can hear the music

            • k
            • khofi
            • 84G
            • 09 Apr 2023

            user, 22 Sep 2022How do you use Facebook with this phone? Can you please tel... moredownload opera min 7.10 sisx

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              • Anonymous
              • 0}d
              • 25 Mar 2023

              Did you know the Nokia E71 can record videos using its camera during a phone call?
              Today's smartphones can embarrassingly not do that!

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                • iza
                • 6cb
                • 01 Nov 2022

                user, 22 Sep 2022How do you use Facebook with this phone? Can you please tel... moreopen with opera mini browser

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                  • user
                  • txE
                  • 22 Sep 2022

                  Anonymous, 17 Sep 2022I still use it for Facebook thoHow do you use Facebook with this phone? Can you please tell me? Im buying it for 5 bucks haven't arrived yet, im curious about it

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                    • Anonymous
                    • xhp
                    • 17 Sep 2022

                    AnonD-716026, 10 Apr 2018Yeah but you wouldn't use it as your daily driver.I still use it for Facebook tho

                      I got it from an online store for 3.5 bucks without the battery, after I plugged in the normal battery as usual. Sophisticated phones with autofocus cameras that can still compete with Android

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                        • Random Phone Reviewe
                        • f}M
                        • 28 Sep 2021

                        The only problem with this phone was that it had a 2.5mm jack instead of a 3.5

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                          • Autotech1
                          • rgF
                          • 18 Sep 2021

                          I waited, impatiently, for AT&T to release their version of this phone, E71x. When it finally arrived, I was a disappointed that AT&T had diluted the phone to suit themselves. I'm not sure, but this may have been the first phone with a front facing camera on AT&T's network, but they removed it. They also removed other functions, hence the "x" designation. I loved this phone for what it was capable of, first phone I owned where I could send emails, assign clips of songs in my catalog as ring tones, etc, but the ring volume, even at full volume, could not be heard in the shop where I worked. For that reason, I replaced it. I could hear it just fine anywhere else, but in the noisy shop, the ring volume was so low I was missing calls and emails, As power of attorney for my sick mother, I needed to hear the phone. It was too bad, because if not for that, I would have kept it for years.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • n16
                            • 10 Sep 2021

                            The worst phone I had by quite some distance. Half of the advertised features wouldn't work properly, or at all. Crashed frequently, even after factory reset. Only a handful of apps available to replace stuff that didn't work, which were severely limited by the completely uncompetitive Symbian that Nokia refused to ditch when they desperately needed to. Several of my friends at the time also had this phone and we all experienced the same problems. This was a complete howler.

                            Given how Nokia seemed more or less unstoppable in the late 2000s, this was a big surprise. It was no surprise to me that after this that the company soon disappeared.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 84e
                              • 02 Jun 2021

                              Paras, 04 May 2021Bought in 2009, still have it in 2021, working condition, e... moreSheesh, I had the phone as well and loved it but you need to upgrade pronto, over a decade old Ovi is no way better than current Google Maps.

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                                • Paras
                                • B1H
                                • 04 May 2021

                                Bought in 2009, still have it in 2021, working condition, even original screenguard applied on this phone stayed until this year when i removed it to clean the screen. Camera is pretty backdated now, Ovimap installed is still way ahead of Google map, it shows the actual speed of person while using the drive mode from driving between places. Googled doesnt have such option.

                                  • K
                                  • Khab
                                  • MCv
                                  • 19 Mar 2021

                                  One of the best I ever used. Fantastic keyboard, amazing build quality, great feature set for its time. The greatest button phone before the touchscreens took over.

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                                    • Nweze stephen
                                    • r3a
                                    • 12 Feb 2021

                                    I am great with this phones it has'nt disappointed me since over 4 yrs now, very nice phone

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                                      • Hidden user
                                      • fXV
                                      • 30 Jan 2021

                                      I have still that phone, it works fine ,only a small issue with the battery and i can't use multimedia and sms anymore due to viruses.

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                                        • Manu
                                        • DkZ
                                        • 16 Jan 2021

                                        Does wattsapp work in this mobile?