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  • nkc

sungod, 15 Jun 2010please help me i yesterday try to update my E71 via pc software ... moredon't worry, update software again via pc, it is ok.
If not go to nokia care, & they will do ol this

  • maro

i want buy this phone but after this videos i cant do that talk me after looking this videos if all nokia e71 like this plz plz

  • Sid

NOME, 06 Jun 2010E72 & E63 have in built Dictionary option, E71 have this opt... moreyes, it does have the buit in dictionary

  • Alejandro

I don't understand why some people still worry to update their phones firmware by themself. I always update myphones by myself and yes i have more stable firmware than before.
If you loose connection when you update your firmware it will automatically start over again the process. The most critical point when updating firmware, is flashing firmware process that the process is after firmware being completely download. You will see your phone reboot itself. It take 5 minutes or so. In this critical process, don't ever unplug your cable or run eating ram program on your computer. That's just the point you need to consider carefully.

  • Alejandro

sanjay, 17 Jun 2010currently i am using nokia 5800. for a change i am planning to b... moreE73 is amerian version of E72, it's same. In my opinion E71 has greater build quality than E72, more stable and cheaper. I am a fashionista, i choose a phone not only for its capability but also suit to my fashion taste. I can say that E71 is fashionable smartphone.

  • sanjay

currently i am using nokia 5800. for a change i am planning to buy a new phone.. i am planning to buy e71 as it comes at Rs. 12900/- INR

my question is it a good choice when nokia e72 is there and nokia e73 is about to be launched. and all blackberry phones are coming to indian market.
i dont have any use of gps, wifi, etc. i use phones for styling purpose.

pls help me decide this one.

  • Alejandro

bageshwer, 15 Jun 2010its really a smartphone.i have this phone from about 1-1/2year,t... moreI briefly to say that updating firmware by yourself is not risky as long as you charge fully battery before updating. The most critical point is don't unplug cable when your phone being flashed (flashing process is after complete downloading firmware). Flashing is about 5 minutes something. It's ok if you loose internet connection when you update the firmware as it will start over again the process. I always upgrade firmware by myself.

  • Midd A

After my experience so far, I think E71 would be a far better option than E72. E 72 came with a major “Crash” problem. it would take up to 30 seconds to come back to the Home screen. I think that is painfully slow.

  • Godfather

Dont worry i will by the e71 tomorrow this video is shit the keyboard is perfect ... the nokia on the video sure have some missing parts inside :)

  • maro

Anonymous plz talk me i want buy this phone but after this vedios i cant do that talk me after looking this vedios if all nokia e71 like this plz plz­eature=related

  • Anonymous

it is one of the best phone ever I use one know but gonna get a n97 cos I think its much better but this phone is good for its price range.actually I don't know why it is rubbish and worst than e72

  • D4vid

Well..i have been using this phone for 2 months d..the only problem i had is the key seems that the key doesn't match the letter shown on the key pad..does anyone have the same problem as mine?

  • Tahdze

using gsmarena advanced search,I found only 1 qwerty phones with thickness less than 10mm, full of features(GPS,Wifi,Cam,Radio,Email Client,16M Colors)and with price less than 250 EUR. I choose E71 also for its very strong stainless steel body.

  • VinayT

sungod, 15 Jun 2010please help me i yesterday try to update my E71 via pc software ... moreSungod,
I hope you still have warranty because I went through the same thing last year with my Nokia E61i. And When I went to Nokia Care they told me the next day that they would have to send it to their higher workshop. I said fine. After a fortnight I was given a refurbished E63. A new refurbished one. That is how I lost my E61i. So you better be prepared to lose it and get a different on ONLY if you have warranty left. Please check right now. Sorry for the bad news.
I have been advising people everywhere not to upgrade themselves as it is very risky. When Nokia Care does they use a box between the PC and the internet. Result is that only when the complete firmware is downloaded the updation starts. While if we do it then it downloads and updates simultaneously. A risky proposition. Secondly, When we do it only the required files are replaced while when Nokia Care does it the entire firmware is replaced thus removing all viruses and trojans etc etc.

  • bageshwer

its really a smartphone.i have this phone from about 1-1/2year,this will really a big thing for me because i always changes my phone in not more than 3 months

  • sachin kundu

sungod, 15 Jun 2010please help me i yesterday try to update my E71 via pc software ... morego to nokia care they will update latest software to ur phone
and ur problem will end

  • Anonymous

does it use dual sim?

  • sungod

please help me i yesterday try to update my E71 via pc software update it has 132mb to download but when it nearing end unfortunately my net got disconnected now my phone is not starting up i tried hard reset by holdig call(green key),*,3 and i swithched on but no use my screen is black and again switched off what should i do please anybody faced probiem or knows remedy please replay i whant my phone back

  • bali

been using this fone for 1 1/2 yrs, works perfect, haven't found better new fones yet..

  • fred

hi, question...what's the difference between the unlocked e71 international version, and the unlocked us version??? i really wanna buy, but don't wanna get the wrong one, i live in Trinidad, if that'll help...thought once unlocked, that's all that mattered...but seems otherwise, so what's difference between the 2 versions?