Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • Mohandas,Kochi

It is a very good fone.I hav been using nokia fones for the last 7 years.It is a very nice experience.I am using a E 50 too

  • suren (sri lanka)

so far so good.....

  • sashoo

i like this cell phone so much.i am going mad for this in white but i am unable to do so failed to find it.its lovely phone.

  • johnny

friends nokia remains the king wether the enemy likes it or not,ever since nokia phones started entering nigeria all that i've been using is nokia nokia nokia and i'll live to always us nokia phones. my e63 is really doing fine and i want to go for e71 in a couple of weeks time. UP NOKIA, HIP HIP HIP NOKIA. HIP HIP HIP NOKIA. LET'S GO FOR KING NOKIA.

  • KT

Hi. Does the E71 has a FM transmitter - to do playback of mp3 from your phone on a fm radio?

  • Allan

My E 71 can't charge because the mother board has a crack, pliz help. Allan Kenya

  • Bisoye

E71 is my firt phone with high configuration am happy with e71

  • Anonymous

you guys all love E71 right..but ...the new blackberry strom,bold 9700 and the other ones are much better than E71...even i use BB

  • Anonymous

this phone is great, i just need to get used to the keypad n everything will be cool. it's a good upgrade from the n70

  • Sandipan

Jayan, 13 Nov 2009I had a long lasting confusion between buying e71 or blackberry ... moreDude. Do you even have a hands on the power and compatibility that you are holding in your pocket these days? E71 is a blessing for people who needs to be connected 24/7 , and here is what I hear from a person who owns the very handset.

However in terms of connectivity and 24/7 connectivity you have:-

1) class 32 -GPRS/EDGE , that gives you an average speed of 200+kbps.
2) 3G + HSDPA for speeds above 256kbps

Wifi is one of the options , It's not "THE" only option.

  • Piyush

Set is having serious problem with the following:-

1) Software- Hangs now and then

2) Key Pad

Please don't go with Nokia me they have lost the FAITH...:(

  • coldfuze

guys, which is better?e63 or e71?the only difference i saw between the two handsets are the cam, hsdpa,IR the e71 worth buying compared to e63?

  • 04

me and my gf just bought the same handset w/c is e71
its a very good hanset cam is great as well as the sound even bat is good it would really last a long spand of time even for days...
I love this e71

  • Paul

Have had this phone 3 months. Previously a range of Bberry's. Functionally its excellent and way more intuitive than the BB's, however battery power is dreadful. On full usage ( email constant update) and mixture of calls and emails the best i can get is 4 hours and it takes ages to recharge.

  • irshad ali

LAtin, 15 Nov 2009Hey guys. I want to know if i shld buy E series(this phone or m... moreu shud go with e71 worlds best mobile phone ever to touch planet earth since discovered by a finland nationalist

  • Kavinda

ravi, 17 Nov 2009Hey,anuone who has used this phone pls tell me the sound qualit... moreSound quality is pretty good,3.2 MP camere OK.
thats depend on your required quality.

Overall E71 dam good professional phone

  • adil

hey guys i just got the e71 yesterday and i think that it is the best phone i have ever owned. I have owned Lots of phones including the n95.
By the way, this message was typed on my e71

  • techbuddy

my review: this phone is worth the money u put. u can start applications and end them pretty fast. browsing, gps is also absolutely no problem. has nokia ever come with a better product??
my nokia N93 sucked big time !

  • Kamran

georgia, 17 Nov 2009please my PC suite cd cant connect with my apple laptop and also... moreKindly reinstall your software Pc Suit or Wondows

  • Bea

ssuh, 15 Nov 2009Great phone but whats with the caller name not displaying error.... moreIt could be because despite you having the callers number stored - that person could have hidden caller ID. The phone recognizes that the caller does not want to be known and hides the name/number.