Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • alireza

yesterday i bought it stylish so different

  • jansel

for the 3g to work, just go to menu, tools,,settings,phone,network, then network mode change to dual mode.u r now in a 3g mode.pag ayaw p din ung sim nd p nk register s network provider.enable mo muna....

  • Anonymous

itz gr8 yr itz keypad der iz some back prblm ......

  • jansel

i bought mine jsut about 1yr from now. 1st week of nov. I hav no problems or whatsoever...dozens of 3rd party apps i install, music is great, just use a 3.5mm audo jack converter and a good headphone.i can watch movies.just download smartmovie .batterry last 5 days!!! Of heavy usage....nothing beats e71.. Multi awarded fon!!really amazing.....just when u buy always look at the back it should be made in korea or finland.that's what e71's r dnt be fool by anyone..... Im telling u this is a reall rockin, elegant,versaltile, amazing fon ever in the mobile market.....well,'s in the features baby....rockon!!!!

  • jansel

hey guyz, if u'r planning to buy this superb fon just buy it in a good and trusted retail outlet, otherwise there's many immitation e71 out there. so be careful....for u to have no problem.

  • Nqobza

Lekker 4ne....i loooooove it, easy to get use 2, its fast as well....well done nokia!!!

  • Saifi

Superb phone....having fantastic keypad....

  • kit resano- Philippi

I like my E71 it has a WLan which i can use as substitute to my pc it is easy to use for its querty style pad but the problem i cannot use it for 3G i don't know


Anonymous, 16 Oct 2009please advice me urgently if this phone takes two sim cards at a... moreno two sims, just one. but its a great phone

  • Apik90

i just bought this phone in this week..i bought the white was a funky phone..i love it..

  • isacc

hey guys....i hav an e71 its lack of chinese language which is important to me..i from malaysia..anyone noes how to get it done...besides going to care points...downloads??
thx in advance..

  • Anonymous

hi,my e71's camera is not working.When i try using the camera, it says camera function not supported.Help!!!!!

  • blessy

reese, 16 Oct 2009im sorry, its *#0000#.thanks again reese! you've helped a lot! :D

  • Anonymous

what's up with the menu key? sometimes i press menu and the screen freezes. any fix?

  • Sean

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2009How does the email function work? At the moment I have a Blackbe... moreFollow the link below, it will tell you everything you need to know to setup your email:­/product-support/nokia-e71/how-to

  • Anonymous

is there a shortcut to delete one full word in texting?

  • Sean

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2009How does the email function work? At the moment I have a Blackbe... moreYou would use DirectPush to get your email

  • Sameh

When I'm trying to upgrade Adobe Reader 1.5 to 2.5 it keeps both. How can I remove the 1.5 version of adobe?

  • Nafees

best phone i hv ever used its a superb phone and it is excellent if havin gprs activated

  • @n@mic@

Nokia E71 is the first costliest mobile i have bought. It ROCKZzzzzzzzz