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  • khalid

i have a problem. when i open pdf files, some of them could not be displayed. i got a message "operation failed" then "not engough memory"
what does this mean. how can i slove this problem.
thank in advance

  • Lyn

Can you please help me to choose which is better E71 or E63.Thanks!

  • WaLdZ

dheen mohamed, 17 Jun 2009good phone but size is very big so what size are you looking in?
E71 in bluetooth headset size?

  • dheen mohamed

good phone but size is very big

  • Nikhil

Great phone,ease to use and user friendly as well.
Its having almost every feature i was looking for...with awesum look.
But its camera quality is not as much as it should while its having 3.2 Mpixel camera perhaps coz of lower resolution .
Anyways overall good quality need to be check,nd make it better.

  • mufaddal

can i download outlook on my mobille phone (e71).my email is

  • John

SAM, 16 Jun 2009I m using E71 4 last one week.some time the OS hangs up then the... moredid u install any additional software?
so far i dont have any problem.
beside the original software, i have installed google map, accuweather, sportrack and opera mini.

  • Maja

in red color is so good, pervert...

  • IshE71

Personally I wouldn't wait for the E72. It's a good few months away. The E72 isn't a massive upgrade. E72 has a 5MP cam and new keyboard design and most likely will have a shorter battery life. Obviously software wise there will be improvements but personally don't get caught up in not getting this SICK SICK phone because the upgrade is a few months away.

If you like it get it!

This phone is better then a Blackberry, better then a iPhone and possibly better the the G1.

  • BOSS

SAM, 16 Jun 2009I m using E71 4 last one week.some time the OS hangs up then the... moreYou might have installed uncertified softwares. Please install any software with proper license key.

  • Satish K Sharma

Wonderful Phone, requires more detailed guidlines to use the services quickly.

  • mymyra

victor, 15 Jun 2009youtube can be played on the phone after downloading so we cannot streaming youtube in E71?

  • Mike H

When I started using the E71 I must admit I thought about sending it back, but now I have got used to it, it's great. The Cam isn't that bad, produces pictures with 300 dpi as opposed to 72 dpi of my old D900i (Which was a great phone too I might add). Just remember to press the "T" (and get the GREEN square in the display) to focus each time before you click the pic. Another thing I found was to get more out of the battery was to set the HSDPA to "When needed" and not "When available" in the packet data section of the phone settings. Another important thing is to Exit programmes through the "Exit" option and not the Red hang up button, if you don't then you may find some programmes 'hang' the next time you use them, particulaly the internet. Over all, now I have been using it for awhile, I love it. Always feels like it wants to jump out of your hand though, keep that wrist strap on then huh? Oh by the way, just been using the Nokia PC suite to transfer a video to the phone, the Video is in .avi and the software is at this moment converting it AND making it suitable for the phone (picture size wise and format wise). top stuff huh?

  • lim

my e71 firmware is 200.21.118. Is this the letest version? I heard this version is more stable. Do i need to update ?

  • SAM

I m using E71 4 last one week.some time the OS hangs up then there is no alternative way to switch off...

  • sasch

Hi just bought E71 last friday, quite disappointed 'coz i just noticed 2 days ago that whenever i browse the phonebook or whenever i select the option button and the menu pops up it the screen flickers...can anybody help me on this? thank you in advance!

im very disappointed that within the span of 3 days i already experience this kind of stuff ...

  • Anonymous

is there any problem with the speakers of this phone?
i mean wehen you are playing songs or if someone is calling you?

  • DDay

AMDeeb, 15 Jun 2009even if you change the profile, it wont turn offIt's impossible to turn off the camera sound unless you are using a third party application such as CameraFX.

  • victor

mymyra, 15 Jun 2009can we play youtube on E71?youtube can be played on the phone after downloading

  • mymyra

can we play youtube on E71?