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  • dakkk

kumar, 04 May 2009hello. i have nokia e 71 and i use very much the wireless, but s... moreprobably they are not really open - MAC filtering might be on on them. You could as well be too far from them - you can "see" them but they cannot see you (?)


Got my black E71 today. After hours of playing and testing with it, so far, no problem encountered. I've inserted an 8GB microSD, installed programs and haven't got any problems. Has a "00" on the 7th and 8th of its IMEI. It doesn't have a common Nokia Care warranty but what the heck, never been to a Nokia Care since they started it.

Build quality is excellent as I compared it hand-in-hand with N5800.

Camera is good, loudspeaker is good, and the music player is also good.

GPS just takes a bit of time to take those satellites.


  • Karan Rughani

Hi Friends,
I wish to get new handset really soon.
I hav been using E51 untill now.
The experience was not that good in terms of music and camera.
Now i have got 2 options - N82 Or E71.
Can u guys help me wit choosing the best 1.

  • teddy

Ehab, 05 May 2009hi All i have bought my e71 2 days is made in finland ... moreyou can contact network operator for setting your phone

  • Teddy

if U want To used Push Email Nokia Like BlackBerry
please download At:
from your phone Browser
Best Regard

  • Anonymous

Multi-award Winning Nokia E71 To Get Featuer Pack 2 and 5 MPX Cam Nokia E71i Well, if we can believe to reports, actually rumours over at Mobile Review, new variant of the hot-selling and *multi-award winning* Nokia's *QWERTY Smartphone* is expected to arrive soon according. So in case that Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x is not good enough for you there is a hope that Nokia will release Nokia N71i with minor software updates including the addition of the Feature Pack 2 *same as on recently launched Nokia E71x* and the most importantly it?s rumoured that phone will get a better 5 Megapixels sensor which is significant upgrade from the actual 3.2-megapixel shooter build in Nokia E71 as well as in AT&T's E71x. Phone is also expected to get the new colour variant and should be only available in a mocha brown finishing to differentiate it from other Nokia E71 variants. If these rumors are correct, Nokia E71i is expected to make its official debut in October, or maybe even slightly earlier *during the Nokia World in September

  • peter

i have E71, Why i log to folder download and log in folder application to item social and go download the window live by wi-fi for a night but finally it doesn't have any respond . why?

  • Nokia user

Nokia E71 does not work if u want to configure ur lotus office mail. No blackberry support. if ur office uses lotus, it will need blackberry. this phone wont work

  • nigel

kumar, 04 May 2009hello. i have nokia e 71 and i use very much the wireless, but s... morehave had the same problem with mine...somebody talk to us!!

  • Anonymous

Ehab, 05 May 2009hi All i have bought my e71 2 days is made in finland ... morethats because yours is the one thats made in finland and it doesn't support 3g while the one made in korea supports 3g, mine is the korean one

  • chutie

hiii ,I like to buy this phone ... until now, i have 2 unit, for me n my wife ... u ?

  • Anonymous

hiii ,I like to buy this phone ... you recomend to do this ?

  • chris

i'm currently facing a problem as i can't make any calls with nimbuzz and similar applications through msn. I must do something on the settings? Thanx

  • Ehab

hi All
i have bought my e71 2 days is made in finland
but i'm facing a problem during making video calls. i'm receiving a message saying you network is not supporting video calls . but this is not true.
i think there is a problem with the phone. cause a friend of mine bought a korean one & it is working very good.
also i have updated the software & the problem is still available.
plsssssss i need your help .......

thanks in advanace for your help and prompt reponse

  • Geek

kumar, 04 May 2009hello. i have nokia e 71 and i use very much the wireless, but s... moreThat's the difference between Symbian & Windows OS if at all you are running Windows OS on your Laptop.. In Symbian OS that is Nokia It will not add default gateway to your routing table of the NIC card which is on board of your Nokia phone chip. whereas onyour Laptop if it is running on Windows and you are a authorised user of that SSID (Broadcast id) then it will add default gateway automatically and you will be able to browse net.

Take care..

  • Anonymous

Can I save movies and tv series to the E71 and watch them?

  • Anonymous

Sir, Please advice how identify original E71 from nokia finland

  • f

kumar, 04 May 2009hello. i have nokia e 71 and i use very much the wireless, but s... moreMay be the WLAN of the laptop is more powerful. In my home, for example, with laptops I get lots of networks, but in the desktop with a USB WiFi adapter, I can't get any of that, it only gets the router that it's inside my house.

  • Krishnan

Hi! I purchased E71 recently. The pack says maps are free for 3 months. But I am unable to access the same. Can anyone help me out in this?

  • LiT

have been using this phone for the last 5 months now and it still amazes me... the battery now lasts me 5 days on average use... nokia mail keeps all my emails updated and i havnt had to go on the computer everyday to check my mail.... im still looking for a image editor compatible with the e71 but there is a application for almost everything else.... this phone rocks!!! if you still wondering if you should buy then your just wasting time!! go get it now...