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  • Mani

I bought my E71 with Nokia Care Warranty about a month ago. It is just the confirmation of my firm conviction that there is no PERFECT PHONE in the market.

It is indeed a big relief after my N95 which embarrassed me a lot due to battery suddenly failing. E 71 has good battery with very respectable talk time. For a user like me, two hours on a single charge is perfect.

The GPS on this device takes a lot of time in locking onto the satellites, and surely N95 leads in this regard.

I like to install a lot of software and that ran me into problems. It is really bad for a phone with exceptional specs. My advice would be to keep on backing up your data every week. It has happened to me several times that the applications simply disappear after installation, and you are left with no option but to go for dreaded *#7370# option for a master reset. The Symbian 60 3rd edition is also an impediment in use of software available on GetJar website.
Within one month of use, I have updated the firmware, and used the master reset option three times.

It would be nice to get some advice from friends in this forum about how to use this phone optimally. Since I dont come to this forum often, I would appreciate email on

Thank you and my best wishes to all.

  • Anonymous

Tanvir, 01 Apr 2009I live in Bangladesh. I want to buy an E71 from here so that I c... morebuy the e71-2. that one works in the us

  • Mustafa

I m using this phone for 1 month. It started to hang (5-10 times a day) just after 1 day of purchase. I sent it to Nokia care, they said that they solved it by installing latest software. But, the problem appeared just after I got my phone back from them. One new problem started in addition to the previous one. That is, at times (8-10 times/ day) the menu/ home button don't work. When they are pressed, a small blue thing comes, and nothing else. For both the problem, only solution I've found is 'reset'.
Can anyone suggest me how to get rid of the problem?
Its really urgent.

  • nitish kumar

good phone yar e71 is the best phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • AMDeeb

Hi every one, anybody know how to make skype video calls in this device? plz reply

  • Tanvir

I live in Bangladesh. I want to buy an E71 from here so that I can use it in US (including 3G). Since US and European models differ in 3G frequency, how can I make sure I am buying the right version (NAM vs European)?

  • ali

Sarah, 01 Apr 2009Hi mates, I'm going to get a new cell phone in couple of days b... morehi sarah,that depend on what you are expecting from the phone,this 2 branda are completely different from the looks,but working and technical charact are nearly the same but if you are asking me go for e71 its beautiful and......

  • Sarah

Hi mates,
I'm going to get a new cell phone in couple of days but i need to know first that which cell should i go for E66 or E71???
plz plz plz reply quickly.


  • Sarah

Hi mates,
I'm going to get a new cell phone in couple of days but i need to know first that which cell should i go for E66 or E71???
plz plz plz reply quickly.


  • J

i had this phone. great specs and all but not really friendly when it comes to text messaging. you really need to focus pressing and all else doesnt exist when your using it. too bad i had to sell it after a month use. and now im left using my old n95. a very sad story, the phone cost so much.

  • pav

hey Li: u can download skype for nokia phones from the"s great and have no problems..wifi mail client...nice look and perfect battery..if the cam was 5mp it would be nice..

  • Anonymous

hello all,i got my nokiae71 ,its very nice,friendly easy to handle and i can say i had lots of brand of mobile,this one one is something else and for those people that they have a problem with this set,if you go though the manual step by step you can find all your answers,good luck

  • mike king

Im just about to upgrade based on what ive read on all your comments,hope ya right,looks nice for my new bussiness

  • Li

My E71 is working fine as well. Love it! Does anyone know how to use Skype on this phone? Thanks!

  • KA

Hi Would like to know if the E71 heats up fast. Use some of Nokia phone which has metal casing. Gets very hot if talk for short while. Nokia customer service commented that it's because of the metal casing. Appreciate your reply. Toying between E63 and E71. Advice appreciated. Thanks.

  • new to nokia

Hi guys. Through the past years, I've used almost all mobile brands (Siemens, Samsung, SE, Moto) except for Nokia.
I'm thinking now of getting Nokia for the first time. The E 71 seems really a great device after what I read and heard.

Does anyone know where I can get the black version? I've seen it un-boxed on the following website:­e71-black/


  • Anonymous

Best cellphone on the market!
No responding lag, perfect battery life, full qwerty key board, full functionalities of a smart phone(ie. email, web, calendar, im, mp3, video, game, office).
Camera is doable, but no serious photographing.

love it!

  • Leon

found a great image editor on ebay and it works perfectly on my E71! with cropping and resizing and everything... check it out... its called resco photo viewer

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2009Hmmm...or is it the user who doesn't know how to use his phone &... morei agree it must be the user of the phone, i have the nokia and i LOVE it its the best phone i have ever had.

  • Anonymous

everything is good in this but there is one major drawback and thats the inside LCD gets dust which will kill all the impression of this phone.