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  • anonymous

i recently bought the E71 and i've recieved a few PDFs on mine. so hope that answers your questions. there's a quick office on it. so you can use excel and edit things, i'm not entirely sure that you can upload your own excel files and edit those ones.


NOKIA E71 as like as computator its function so Advance ....................................../

  • RAVI

is this phone is supported to pdf, pdb and chm files.
could u any one reply.

  • Arash

if we copy an exel 2007 file in computer to E71,can it edit the file.

  • viz

Anonymous, 19 Dec 2008Wanted to know how to activate the 3G network on E71 or what is ... moretools -> settings -> Phone -> network -> network mode = "Dual"

  • viz

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2008Does this phone has push email facility?Yes, nokia provides mail for exchange.

  • viz

dimples, 20 Dec 2008Does anyone know if this phone has a feature that can open email... moreYes, the phone has a in built excel editor.

  • Anonymous

The only minus of this mobile is it has no BB Connect and not a dual sim phone.

  • dimples

Does anyone know if this phone has a feature that can open email attachments like excel files?

  • Anonymous

Does this phone has push email facility?

  • Anonymous

Wanted to know how to activate the 3G network on E71 or what is the software version which support it

  • Max

max, 18 Dec 2008u can download games for this phone in WEB or WAP, just try imse... moreei,max (also)...i tried the website...its not only has has all other software as well...i just got a bunch of dictionaries for my E51...thanks for the tip...

  • Anonymous

dose any of you users face problems installing themes and programs?
and how is the new softwere update is it recomended

  • Martin

How about the sync with Outlook 2007? Does anybody use it to sync offline? (I mean the mails you have in your computer, to sync to the phone). Is this possible?

Thank you!

  • Original_Jamaican

E71 user, 19 Dec 2008Old Nokia OS used to show names that START with the letters you ... moreI own an E51. Will upgrade to E71 for christmas.

Just as the E71, my E51 have the same search feature for contacts. I think it's brilliant! I have always wanted a feature like this.

With the OLD OS, if I didn't remember the person's first name I wouldn't find their name any at all. Sometimes it's easier to remember a person's surname or a tag that you added to a name than the person's first name.

For example, let's say I meet somebody from GSMArena called Tracy McGrady and I also put the words GSMArena in brackets beside Tracy's name as a tag to remind me where I met Tracy. If I should forget the first name all I would have to type is the word GSMArena and it would instantly show me Tracy McGrady. Similarly, if I type McGrady it will show me Tracy McGrady.

Another example, let's say I meet somebody by the name of Robin Meade who works at CNN. I would put CNN as a tag beside her name and I should I every forget her first or surname...I surely wouldn't forget this lady works at CNN so all I would have to put in is CNN and up comes her name. Do you see the logics with this feature now ?

It's easier for me to remember tags more than people first name...especially when you have 715 contacts in your phonebook like I do as of this writing.

Thank you Nokia for this lovely feature!!!

  • E71 user

Old Nokia OS used to show names that START with the letters you type. This phone list ALL entries with that combination of letters ANYWHERE in the name. Is this what I must do now every time? A real pain in the butt!

  • h-ray

nokia n series is very famous but public should prefer e-series most.. e-71 phone is amazing after using. smarter ,slimmer and better then apple i-phone. i like its video shooting quality and music options also sufficient. yo it's best among all. not looking for another phone

  • nikola

viz, 19 Dec 2008Volume is very good, you will not have any complaints. The b... morehOW starting 3g in E71 pleace tellmy

  • Malik

This phone is the bomb.
It works perfect. Got a lot of extra things.
You dont need a usb cable, bluetooth.
You can log on the web with your labtop with e71 by wlan.

The best phone i have ever had

  • Anonymous

It's about time that Nokia business fone line (e-series) to provide dual-on feature as one of its standard feature.