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  • ahu

when i record sound clips on the voice recorder i have problem playing back through gallery.when you go to gallery and press the select key nothing happens! has anybody come across this experience?also it stores the sound on phone memory and not on the card? please respond if you have come across this as voice rec is useless if you cannot retrieve.

  • Anonymous

Sigh E71 has only been out for 3 month and now E75 ? The pictures of E75 look just like E71. I hope it is just E71 with different color.
Nokia fix all the known issue first please

  • the happy one

bilal shaikh, 20 Sep 2008contect me i solve ur problem call recorder with out beep. Send ... moreyes i would very much like a solution to the beep while recording.

  • Ben

Hello everyone, just received my E71 and it is really nice. I downloaded some themes to replace the ugly icons that are inherent in such E-series devices.

For the others that have this phone, does your keypad sort of bounce or have some flex to it or is it just my unit that is somewhat defected. All the buttons still work but around the middle of the pad, it is a little bouncy.


  • RoManiac

Great phone. Not quite as good as the Blackberry but a good effort from Nokia. Dialing a number is a little cumbersome but not as bad as on the N82.

  • khoi

great practical phone for everyday functions and ideal for travel. Editing excel and word docs a breeze. Love the look and feel. over all well rounded good phone

  • Steve J

They should include a 3.5-2.5mm adapter since 3.5mm headphones are commonly available.
Nokia needs to work on the browser: copy and paste facilities and spell checker are non-existent.
Nokia needs to start thinking about producing the next high res, big screen phone with the aforementioned recommendations but also reasonable size and weight. If they can produce a sub 160g, 3.8-4.0 inch widescreen, 800*480 or even 1000*600 pixel device, they will do very well.

  • ella

Can anyone tell me whether the quick office documents are compatible with microsoft office? Do we need additional software to enable microsoft office reads quick office docs and vice versa, or is it automatically compatible? thanks!

  • Anonymous

i wonder if anyone tried installing skyscape programs on this phone?

  • Anonymous

hi guys,

i have a quick question, can i sync the e71 with activesync or exchange? how else would i sync all my emails, tasks, appointments and contacts?? ny help wud b greatly appreciated!

  • stev3

hi i was wondering if anyone found a leather case that fits perfectly for the e71

i am trying to find the best one, which has a belt clip as well
not too bulky

  • LanCloT

People from Indonesia who has bought this phone, Do u have some problems after months using it???

  • Karim

Sweetheart, 20 Sep 2008Can somebody answer my querry? I am using sony ericsson p1i and... moreHello, I used to have the P1i, and now I have the E71.
The P1i is a good phone, but I sold for the following reasons:
1)- It's too thick, while the E71 is so elegantly thinner.
2)- It does not have a GPS receiver.
3)- I hate the touch screen feature.
4)- I hate the pen.
Now, the camera in the P1 is better than that in the E71, and the sound quality too, apart from this the P1 does not have any more advantages.
You can easily download any kind of music using the Nokia Suite, while it is very difficult to do so in the P1.
The main disadvantage in the E71, are buttons, but I am used to them now.
I care much about the looks and the seize, that is why I sold my P1 to have the E71, and I love it.
I hope I've helped you.

  • Ifeanyi

I just purchased the Nokia E71 few days ago please can someone tell me how to set up the email feature? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Sweetheart

Can somebody answer my querry?
I am using sony ericsson p1i and it's a great phone based on my 1year experience. But i am thinking of buying Nokia e71.
Is there anybody used p1i and migrated to e71. What is your experience? Which mobile is stable? Please give me ur comparative opinions so that it'll help me to decide whether to buy or not.
Anticipating ur kind reply.
Many thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

It was a GREAT PHONE, until tonight. the 1-months-old E71 suffers memory loss. First, it couldn't read the sms/emails/gps data+ maps which i set to be stored in the memory card.
Later when i look in the file manager, it turn's out that all of those data are gone! including mp3 and everything.
Phone problem or memory card problem i have no idea. its the standard 2Gb cards from the box.
Will complaint Nokia Indonesia tommorow.

  • Anonymous

DEV, 13 Aug 2008Hi to all owners of E-71, I have been using this Phone since ... moreHello DEV

I don't know whether you were able to find out by now about the nokia barcode software or not. But you can try to go to , look for 2d barcodes usually located at the right side of their web pages, point the camera of the barcode software to the 2d barcode on your computer screen and check what it's all about... :)
More info at:

  • Anonymous

does anyone know if software is available that will sunc E71 calander, contacts and to-do list with entourage on a mac? looks like a great phone, i want one but only if i can sync it.

  • Hemi

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2008Yes. Get Fring and you can use msn skype etc not yahoo voice.what version of skype should be downloaded and installed in order to use it on the E7?

  • Dark_AlfoX

the moment i held my new E71 i autmatically modded its startup logo and and startup sound and installed all cool extra games and applications.fell in love with its speed plus the sound is clear even with loudspeaker for me is good enough since it has flash plus auto zoom.....wifi is great so all in all perfect 10 for me....btw if you wanna check my modded phone check here