Nokia E72

Nokia E72

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  • Ovie

Retired IR, 27 Jul 2009Dear Anonymous, LED light is simple and cheap to produce (just ... moreNice xplanation, keep it up!!!

  • Afoo(Nigeria)

its nice. but i'll like to have a black colour of the phone. just like the E71.

  • nokia taste!!

its looklike a calculator!!!

  • Retired IR

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2009What is the difference between LED and XENON flash? Dear Anonymous,
LED light is simple and cheap to produce (just let electricity pass through semicunductors and viola !!! you got LED lights, colour depends on type of transistor use and voltage required by the transistor)) , can be used for simple lighting application, such as torchlight and video light for Handphone video cameras. XENON light is expensive to produce. (Let's Electricity pass through XENON gas and it emitts bright light) . Disadvantages , cannot be use as light source for video camera , bulky components and worst still, it comsume high amount of electrical energy (from your phone batteries of course) to charge its capacitor to produce a minimum of 50V to to be discharge at XENON Bulbs. Justified ??Thanks all.

  • Anonymous

I'm waiting for the offcial gsmarena review. e63 and e71 are on hold on my shopping list

  • Anonymous

as i know, all kind of nokia+symbian os phones usually restart when we use them excessively, n the phone become hot.
and I'm afraid if that's happen to this phone
any other opinions?

  • NY

probably release in mid october,coz in the nokia brochure said "end of Q3"...hopefully sooner

  • someone

one of the best phones ever

  • Retired IR

Action, 24 Jul 2009Dude have you ever been outside your room?It was already on shel... moreDear Friends,
I am from KL , always travel to Singapore on business. Try looking on shelf in singapore or in KL but the retailers says "not yet available" in this two places but high quality dummies are abundant for RM 15.00 . For the cost of the E72 unit in both places it should be around RM 1,750 (E71 cost RM 1,250.00). 1 Euro = RM 5.10 as at today's rate).
When it is coming ?. God knows. Thanks all

  • Nick

Finally, Nokia, a good phone. Amazing battery. much faster than the iphone 3gs at 10.2 mps, nice camera and great features. Although, the video recording could have been better, and they could have made it stero speakers instead of mono.

  • vipin

can anybody tell itz price?

  • Angry Machine

No, it's a professional phone.

E-Series, not Crappy Plastic Build XpressMusic series.

  • Anonymous

Does it have a dedicated music chip like the XpressMusic series?

  • Anonymous

why did Nokia remove the IR from E72 when its there in E71

  • Anonymous

why did Nokia remove the IR from E72 when its there in E72

  • Anonymous

damn it! its taking bloody forever waiting! hurry up before i change my mind to iphone 3GS!!

  • Anonymous

What is the difference between LED and XENON flash?

  • Anonymous

5 MP, LED flash: Once again, Nokia, a crappy LED flash?! I think it should be standard to include Xenon on anything larger than 3.2MP! Even if it is a business phone!

Other than that though, everything else about it is very impressive. The fact that there's no Xenon is the "no-buy" factor for me though. Nokia can be such a dick.

  • papoose

Can some one please show me how turn on the back light of nokia E71? thanks a lot PEACE!

  • Hg

Already own an e71. I am not upgrading until a bigger or amoled screen with QWERTY comes along. The N86 screen specs on the e71 body type would be highly successful in any market.