Nokia E90

Nokia E90

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  • someone
  • 7Xu
  • 26 Dec 2023

Ghazab74, 22 Nov 2023I still have the phone but the case has damaged.can I get a... morewow that's awesome!

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    • Ghazab74
    • X5u
    • 22 Nov 2023

    Anonymous, 20 Jul 2023do you bought recently I still have the phone but the case has damaged.can I get a new case in market

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      • Anonymous
      • 6p{
      • 20 Jul 2023

      karadzan, 04 May 2023just bought one second hand...unfortunately micro is not wo... moredo you bought recently

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        • Anonymous
        • sSW
        • 03 Jun 2023

        Yasser , 02 May 2023I love it I used E90 for a long time I hope NOKIA create ... moreI hope too

        Only if HMD sold the brand to Samsung which capable for flagship hardware, after the failure of nokia 9, HMD only create entry level midranger phone and even hard to beat chinese oem, yeah Nokia brand for now, but most spare part made in China , not like the old time phone mostly still made outside china, so why are we buy Nokia now if Realme or Oppo or else offering more than Nokia?

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          • karadzan
          • Rd$
          • 04 May 2023

          just bought one second hand...unfortunately micro is not working and what seems : the greatest problem is the microphone with this phone...

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            • Yasser
            • Neu
            • 02 May 2023

            I love it
            I used E90 for a long time
            I hope NOKIA create a new generation for communicators

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              • Adeel sarwar
              • akX
              • 22 Mar 2023

              I love this phone

                Jacob, 04 Oct 2021I was a fan of the Nokia Communicator, from it's origi... moreI wish the Nokia E90 was available these days. I almost wish I could go back to 2007 and use it as a primary phone. I remember when someone asked HMD if they were ever going to bring back any of the retro Nokia phones into newer generation feature phones, their response was that the days of qwerty Nokia were over when they were out. It's a bummer that not many phones out there look like the Nokia E90, the only modern one is the Fxtec which its spec sheet is pretty good but it's Android OS is a bit outdated and it's battery is mediocre in today's battery standards. Surely there are Android phones with QWERTY keyboards, but nothing compares to it really. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and 4 are definitely the only ones out there but they cost are pretty high, but then they are very well built. I used my Nokia E90 in 2018 when 3G was still a thing. I really enjoyed using it. The 3.2 Megapixel camera was really good for being such a small sensor, the picture quality was also pretty good. Obviously, nothing compares to the Nokia N8 with its 12MPx camera and Xenon flash, I enjoyed using that one in 2014 which helped posting pictures on social media. The good thing is that those who enjoy their time like I do, reading specs, reading reviews and looking at each product of choice thanks to GSMarena! I have been using this website to read the website revies about phone, the cons and pros. As well as seeing any of the photos available. Thank you GSMarena!

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                  • Cool Devices
                  • Sq1
                  • 25 Aug 2022

                  Gta ONLINE than on powerful computers now

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                    • Concerned Citizen
                    • x{6
                    • 30 Nov 2021

                    I had this but not openline. The front is broken now. I want to replacement front screen.

                    By the way from Philippines.

                      InigoEbio, 18 Apr 2020This one is my dream phone before. I hope I can find this i... moreThis was my dream phone too back in the days but it was so damn expensive with almost 100k philippine pesos price tag! Now the closest we can get to a communicator form factor is a Z fold 3, granted it have a similar price tag but I’m so happy with it. It’s like a dream came true.

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                        • Jacob
                        • x}j
                        • 04 Oct 2021

                        I was a fan of the Nokia Communicator, from it's original right to the 9500, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this.

                        At the time I had a N95, which was one of Nokia's top phones. I had expected the E90 to be at least as good and hopefully better.

                        Well, I was satisfied with the E90. But just satisfied. I wasn't wowed by it. The camera is 3.2Mp, compared to 5MP on the N95. The speaker sounded tinny by comparison. It was just not what I expected from Nokia's flagship device. The battery life wasn't great IIRC, and the decision to use Symbian 80 instead of the more popular and supported Symbian 60 further disappointed.

                        I do still have this phone as part of my collection and use it occasionally for nostalgia. But it was this phone which caused me to transitioned to BlackBerry and I have not looked back since.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • fsV
                          • 07 Aug 2021

                          TejasM, 07 Jan 2021I want this phone, please suggestI have it. Where in the world are you?

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                            • batrawy
                            • mTW
                            • 24 Jul 2021

                            why we do not refresh the E90 model with all then new features like touch screen inside and all download all the application with 5G connectivity

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                              • Akos
                              • gEL
                              • 05 Apr 2021

                              This phone was a shame and it killed the communicator-series by releasing it's fans, including me. I owned all but the 9210 and the E90 was the dumbest of all from many points of view. I hated it, except for the camera which was well above the average level those days.

                                I want this phone, please suggest

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                                  • Alpi
                                  • tA$
                                  • 05 Dec 2020

                                  E90 for android ..

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                                    • Enver
                                    • M9r
                                    • 20 Oct 2020

                                    Now you can buy a new one, its not a nokia but its a 4G Cosmo communicator

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                                      • Nokia lover
                                      • r3a
                                      • 19 Sep 2020

                                      R I P. The king of smartphones.

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                                        • shekhar
                                        • g}w
                                        • 05 Aug 2020

                                        missssssing this modal