Nokia E90

Nokia E90

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  • sam

whronhie, 29 Sep 2019I have one in me..but I live here in the phil.. can we manage t... moreThat's good

  • François

whronhie, 29 Sep 2019I have one in me..but I live here in the phil.. can we manage t... moreYou still have it
Is still working well
I need

I have one in me..but I live here in the phil..
can we manage to talk so we can discuss our transaction if you want..thanks..

  • Anonymous

looking for one

  • NokiaUserForever

I think this phone is totally usable in 2019.Calls are perfect.Sms perfect.Mms perfect,Internet...hmm not bad with Wifi but with 3g only some sites that dont need much power will open.Camera,not bad but nothing special.Sound...solid.But OS is a small problem(for me) but its easy to use and have a lot of options.Battery,all day without any problem.Gaming,not big problem,there is a lot of games on some symbian sites and that isnt a big problem.Design is solid and classic and I know screens are small and there is no touch screen but phone is perfect for users that didnt like touch screen phones even today.

A truly great phone, the best phone i ever had.
Good Overall Quality, perfect environment.

  • AlecWolf

yep, this phone was really best one... long long ago. Try Gemini PDA or Cosmo Communicator (actually Gemini PDA 2)

  • se_lva

How Would I Bought This phone?

  • Anonymous

mi 5s plus poweruser, 03 Sep 2018just bought fullset for 50 USD.. love this monsterwhere from you buy? new or used

  • mi 5s plus poweruser

just bought fullset for 50 USD.. love this monster

  • AnonD-459298

I just tested it with 64GB microSD card from Sandisk: works fine!

  • Sumiceiven

I love this phone 😁nokia ngage qd and nokia e90

  • Emmy

sympathy mutamba, 27 May 2017 Correction on specs above. The E90 does not take a memory card... moreNot really true.. I'm using one with the version of 400.34.93 with 32gb of external memory sd card and it works fine. Really loving my Nokia E90

  • Anonymous

Waiting for this model with android OS, 20 MP Camera, 6 Inch screen..

  • cesar

HMD Global should launch a reimagined E90, or a reimagined Communicator for that matter, with Android... Planet Computers is doing an awesome job with the Gemini PDA and HMD can do even better. PDA with keyboards FTW!

  • AnonD-701747

64GB external storage working

  • AnonD-691166

I was looking one for the fun of having one( a while ago i bought a Nokia X5-01)
that one brand new, just came from europe, to canada, as i said, I begun searching the E90 checked Ebay, no way jose, from 200 to 450, in albania there is a guy selling one for 158 Canadian, but I did not want to order outside of North America(i found the X5 here in Toronto the seller got it in europe) today i was searching on a local site for the E90, my lucky day, there was a guy living one hour where i live selling precisely the E90 for the modest price of 70 canadian dollars, unlocked, 90 per cent overall physical condition, I offered him 60 cause i had to drive one hour to pick it up, he agreed, and now is on my hands, when you look for something at the right time it comes to you.. trying to download the north america maps, reading about it now, good luck finding one guys!!

  • Anonymous

Waiting for such device with 6 inch screen on andtoid OS.

  • Anonymous

I wish Nokia could make a larger screen than 4.0 inch, small

  • sympathy mutamba

Correction on specs above. The E90 does not take a memory card bigger than 2gig.

I bought mine in 2007 and am using it up to now but will have to change vome 30 June it wont be able to support whatsapp.

Its a great symbian phone though most applications can no longer be supported on this handset. I love the qwerty keyboard.

Hope Nokia will remanufacture this phone with a bigger memory and up to date software.