Nokia E90

Nokia E90

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  • D-Tox

about Samsung F700

1. i hate Touchscreens
2. no WLAN
3. NO IR ( even we dont need it )
4. 5 MP camara WOW but NO FLASH
6. i herd battary life is bad
7. COLOR 256K colors

  • D-Tox

wht u on about it has FM ( visual Radio )

the BEST thing about this i can say is that the GPS works WITHOUT the network which means u can be out of signal and the GPS will still work :)

not too sure on the Turn to Turn voice thing as on the 6110 Navigator and on the 6110 NAV u got LIVE Traffic feed i not sure if on this one Dont think it is i think its same as N95 which dont have it

  • joe

and i thought yesterday that samsung f700 was the best model for the next 6 monthes! this baby is just great: huge screen in everything, 350 mhz processor, symbian 3, 3.2 cam with autofocus and vga 25 fbs video cam, internal gps, wifi, hspda, fm radio, dual stereo speakers, all software u need including voip software!!! what else would u need more in a phone??!!!

  • matt

i have a N91 and E61 was waiting for the N95 but now that has change bring on the E90

  • Nara-e-Mastana

See the picture of screens...­pxl.jpg

The main screen is big enough...looks cool..

  • Nara-e-Mastana

It has integrated GPS and Nokia Maps + Application......It also FM Radio...
Check Nokia website for further info...

This is an amaizing machine...

  • robot

it has a 4" display inside & a 2.4" outside please correct it.

  • ITS

Ok I'm the 1st one on this one atleast... Well it's got all the features under the sun and wi-fi is a big surprise but no FM is an even bigger surprise... Why leave that out??... And it isn't a very good looking phone...

  • D-Tox

they said Due 2nd Q this year

but on the webcast when he turned it on the Main screen was all white and jumbled up means that its reallllllllllly buggy and thats one of the best ones they got to show at 3 GSM then god help us

  • Anonymous

Just can't wait too buy this phone... Nokia is simply GREAT !!!!!! ...Keep it up. I hope they launch it soon n not after 1year.

  • D-Tox

battary is Battery BP-4L

good battary life
and 2 16 mil colors is great

  • jeremy

this is gonna be the bomb! better then any other elites in the phone market. (n73,k800i,iphone)

  • Benz

My God.. I thought the N95 was good.. But I know what is truly God's gift now.

Cant wait to get one along with an N95!

  • Anonymous

wow it is smaller than 9500 good (y)

  • matt

i want one