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  • bobthebuilder

dutydog, 13 Mar 2022hi guy,i have just got my new nokia g10 and need help. Ever... moreyou can try taking the google assistant button off.

  • Freshy

Very very poor and laggy gaming performance ,,Nokia is a mess.

Really good for the money, ours is dual sim and has an SD card expansion slot with a big screen and amazing battery life, we paid ยฃ75 brand new !!! many phones are 10x this price and sure they are faster but what do you expect??, the battery lasts forever, at first I thought it was slow but we had the battery saver option turned on and now its much better. This is my wifes phone to replace her old Nokia 920 windows phone and with Launcher10 installed she thinks she has a new Nokia Windows phone, except now everything works, so the 32GB storage is no issue at all as its expandable with micro SD, runs a very clean version of Android plenty of updates to come, so yes, not the fastest phone but it works fine and I doubt many phones have battery life to match it, you really can get 3 days between charges even with quite alot of use!! amazing

  • Vikas

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2022It's the Google assist button causing it. Go to settin... moreIf turning off Google Assistant button is not helping, then try the below:
Go to Settings > System > Gestures > turn off the 'Lift to check phone' option.
See if that helps.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone help please ? Bought the Nokia G10 last week it cannot pick up wi-fi had BT out to check internal connection. Plusnet sent me a new router ,been in touch with Tesco for help there sending me a new sim donโ€™t know what to do .

  • Anonymous

dutydog, 13 Mar 2022hi guy,i have just got my new nokia g10 and need help. Ever... moreIt's the Google assist button causing it. Go to settings and switch the Google assist off

  • User1

This phone is trash

  • Anonymous

Really slow bad battery and long charge times forgot my password and after updated cant even hard reset it really shit phone nokia really hasnt been good since 90s

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2021Will the g10 get the android 12 update?Yes

  • Chris

Am using the phone and it's working well. Just that nokia should try and push their accessories to the market.

  • Sin

dutydog, 13 Mar 2022hi guy,i have just got my new nokia g10 and need help. Ever... moreThere should be a setting to turn off always on screen

i had my nokia smartphone show the time ever time i left the smartphone up or look at the smartphone

i turned setting off now screen only lights up when button is pressed

The other possibly FIX is maybe a botton is being pressed in your pockets somehow
maybe carry the smartphone a another way

hope i helped

  • ManofGod1000

mickos, 19 Feb 2022Because not everyone wants to spend $2000 on a phone. For $... moreThis phone was the worst phone that I have ever owned, it is terribly slow because of the hardware that it came with. Now, when I purchased it, I did not do the proper research and that is on me but, this phone was literally and extremely slow. For instance, when doing a Android Auto command, it would take over 10 seconds before anything would even happen.

  • Idreezy

Which one is better between Nokia g10 and tecno spark 8p

  • dutydog

hi guy,i have just got my new nokia g10 and need help. Every time i move the phone or walk with it in my pocket the screen comes alive and uses battery.How do i stop this happening.All i want is for the phone to come alive when i press the power button

  • skidan007

My hot-spot keeps turning off when I turn it on! This is not cool

  • Ryan

WH, 10 Feb 2022I'm bought this for my parents because of it big batte... moreIs it good to use as a hotspot to share internet to my tv ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  • mickos

Tintin, 05 May 2021I really don't know why these phones exist in the market.Because not everyone wants to spend $2000 on a phone. For $177 seems like a bargin to me.

  • WH

I'm bought this for my parents because of it big battery and Android One phone.
What really impressed me is the 4G signal reception, is a lot better than Galaxy Note 10+ that I'm using.

  • Sin

AsagiX, 27 Jan 2022Bought this for my mum. Seems the phone is good to use for ... moreyou need to trust ever app you download & install the smartphone should ask you ever time do you trust this app say yes ever time to this

my nokia 3.1 runs androidONE just the same as the nokia g10 does i use apk & many app stores i download from unknown source

downloading a app store like aptoide or uptodown might be way to go

but apk also work too just have tell the smartphone to trust ever app you need

if you still have the problem i try my best to help out

  • Shanmuga

I will brought a new nokia g10 .at the same day I will update security patch update then mobile 'AUTO ROTATION IS NOT WORKING'