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  • Anonymous
  • CAV
  • 09 Apr 2024

The phone is quite good.Works smoothly,but speed is quite slow.Good camera as compared to its price,but not the best.Good memory 64GB and 4GB. Previously,that is 2months after purchase, my phone was freezing,turning the screen totally black, popping system UI errors, but now i did all updates, security and updated to android 13 and also made my storage not to exceed 80% .Now Nokia G10 is a Brilliant phone,Have used it more than 1.7years now.I recommend it for non bulky users.

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    • Sam Mutebi
    • AcK
    • 30 Mar 2024

    My Nokia G10 failed to install Android 13. Tried my best but refused
    It's still running Android 11 and November 2021 security patch.

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      • Solo
      • fm8
      • 10 Mar 2024

      Lousy battery

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        • Anonymous
        • g33
        • 09 Mar 2024

        One of worst rubbish cellphone in market . Nokia only name but quality of phone low grade ... Cheap quality phone with cheap quality battery goes malfunction. Very pathetic horrible phone I have seen . Hope Nokia out of market doesn't exist anymore. Wasting of money don't buy you regret spending that money but you get what you expect. Nokia phone and camera horrible. I will never recommend anyone to buy any brand of Nokia . Please spend extra to buy Samsung other brands but not Nokia.

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          • okay phone
          • Ibx
          • 24 Feb 2024

          cons -
          only google apps
          slow and laggy

          pros -
          decent battery
          solid build

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            • Me
            • Emn
            • 13 Jan 2024

            The product was expected to be great, that is why i bought one, however, it turned out to be a garbish phone. it cost me $110 and it has the 64 GB storage but it is too slow. sometimes, the screen goes dark or freezes in the middle of using it.. Truly disaponted by it. I would stick now to newest samsung.

              ORIGINAL , 24 Dec 2023My Nokia G10 has been just okay until 6 months ago it start... moresadly this isnt actually a nokia phone, nokia sold their name to a company called hmd global. since then they put nokia onto many things

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                • Anonymous
                • Bnx
                • 26 Dec 2023

                ORIGINAL , 24 Dec 2023My Nokia G10 has been just okay until 6 months ago it start... moretry to make a back-up of all your apps and data, then factory reset the phone. Look if that might help, with a clean phone and the latest security patch it might be ok after that.

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                  • ORIGINAL
                  • XIa
                  • 24 Dec 2023

                  My Nokia G10 has been just okay until 6 months ago it started deleting my apps and files automatically. I thought it could be low storage but only for me to my surprise, there was enough storage space. a bit disappointment on the side of Nokia phones

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                    • Energy solutions
                    • f3A
                    • 07 Dec 2023

                    I've been using the Nokia g10 32/3 for about 6 months now and I'm loving it. The build quality is amazing, comes standard it of box with charging brick, cable, headset, pre applied screen protector and cover. This version comes standard with Android 11 and the home launcher Android 1 which is perfect to give me full control without bloatware and malware as well Android updates if I choose.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • mFd
                      • 27 Nov 2023

                      Anonymous, 16 Nov 2023Very good phone.Great news: Nokia is the best again ,my Nokia G10 4/64 works great,have been using it for more than 2 years

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                        • Anonymous
                        • MDZ
                        • 16 Nov 2023

                        Very good phone.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • fsV
                          • 03 Nov 2023

                          g10 is a good phone so far to me i dont have any isues

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 8wp
                            • 01 Nov 2023

                            Bought my Nokia g10 3 months ago and am not happy with its camera. Once l open camera the phone freeze and it restart itself. The picture quality is very very bad.

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                              • X5u
                              • 27 Oct 2023

                              creature , 07 Oct 2023lots of users boasts trolling , these devices are not bad , Exactly

                                Minu, 23 Sep 2023There are only 3 global variants of this phone, which are 3... moreWas the provider model offer. Not other variants available in my country. Anyways is a bad smartphone. Camera soooo slow to focus. And sometimes can't focus. Always are in dreamer mode. When u need it. He think and dream a lot before do the job. Open apps or du things. Not good phone.

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                                  • 6v}
                                  • 07 Oct 2023

                                  I HATE this lil' Nugget's protection against rooting, it may be durable(it really is, all I got is a few dead pixels when I accidentally dropped it on the ground real hard), but THEY DOWNGRADED THE RECOVERY MODE, it only shows 4 things, the device stats, the power off, the "boot to bootloader" and the "reboot now", it doesn't even have a good recovery mode! and it's bad when it comes to gaming, and also why is nokia doing this? it's acceptable because nokia is a communications thing... company, but I still like 'em :)

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                                    • creature
                                    • 6p{
                                    • 07 Oct 2023

                                    lots of users boasts trolling , these devices are not bad ,

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • HxI
                                      • 29 Sep 2023

                                      S, 20 Sep 2023Mobile is good,strong,but if installed of many apps more th... moreI don't have hanging issues, camera could be better but very OK for me and for this price. Timely updates too and a fair display and fair specs/features.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • HxI
                                        • 29 Sep 2023

                                        Anonymous, 28 Sep 2023worst phone ever used waste of money and waste of time Nothing wrong with this phone but I'm waiting ur arguments how and why u come to this conclusion. I'm pretty sure I won't hear from you.