Nokia G10

Nokia G10

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  • Tintin

I really don't know why these phones exist in the market.

I think I like this phone, but I would prefer to wait for the g20 or x10. I just like Nokia.

  • Anonymous

Dineth, 17 Apr 2021Are you mad nokia is not outdated your are out dated man yo... moreCompared to what they used to be? This is depressing garbage.

  • greenTAM

I really like this smartphone...i like Nokia products

  • Anonymous

Nokia's era was over once and history seems to repeat itself.

  • Dineth

Mahesh Veera, 10 Apr 2021Nokia still think that they are Giant. They are outdated. Are you mad nokia is not outdated your are out dated man you a crazy I think your phone is outdated

Nokia phones are better bought few months after release, because the discounts are much higher than those of Chinese phones

  • Taibu

Very expensive price range for the phone specification. Who will going to buy in this pandemic period. so many peoples are lost there job and they are not properly getting 3 times food also. Who will going to invest big amount and buy this phone.

Every day the new new technologies are discovered in this planet. So peoples also moving to that technology when they are able to getting or buy that technology cheaper not expensive ( I mean for new technology not for old technology).

Nokia still think that they are Giant. They are outdated.

  • Nokia

Nokia need to change
1. For its design (Why somany mobile phone they have big camera in rear side it's so ugly) actually that camera is suitable for blind peoples.
2. Display size. (4.5 - 5.8 inch is most peoples likes) not like tab size phone. look iphone 12 mini phone size.
3. Android OS (when Nokia is going to create or develop its own Android os according to their phone specification)
4. Hardware ( we are now in 2021 not in 2013 or 2015 to use the b/g/n wifi , 28nm cpu , 4.2 bluetooth , 6.7 inch display , lcd display and some new release Nokia phones they don't have 4G sim connection also).
5. packing (box packaging is worse) don't have proper sealed box also anyone can open the box and do any changes to hardware change and software amendments) customer satisfaction and trust is very important.

We are thinking Nokia's new C.E.O will change every thing and Nokia will become No.01 in the world in 2021.

  • Abi

People need a cheap price and it is very expensive according to (Nokia G10) features the are many cheap price mobiles are available in market. So therefore the stability of Nokia G10 in market is impossible.

Redmi note 10 is far better than this tbh

  • Jimmy

i agree, mobiles should be less than 6"

haren, 09 Apr 2021Ha ha ha ! Definitely we always keep empty pocket to carry... moreWell basically it would be a 5 inch phone if it had a 16:9 display

  • haren

Ha ha ha !
Definitely we always keep empty pocket to carry this big size phone.
now phones are becoming tablet size. just need 6.5+0.5 inch for 7inch tablet.

  • Tanzania

I just love Nokia phones