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  • XK5
  • 03 Feb 2023

Truly this is a bad luck phone, its camera is like a concave mirror, so boring, hanging most of the time, sometimes apps may stop from responding "UI".....i really regret of owning this kind of phone

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    • frn
    • 31 Jan 2023

    This phone is nothing but a bad luck, Nokia should be embarrassed by this thing even a grade R learners can do better phones

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      • Evo
      • nGg
      • 21 Jan 2023

      Anonymous, 16 Jan 2023Agree it is definitely the worse phone I have ever had it&#... moreThis is not a phone it is the Nokia version of the Rubic Cube

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        • Anonymous
        • pLx
        • 16 Jan 2023

        yuumi, 12 Jan 2023garbage phone. very slow and basic applications freeze and ... moreAgree it is definitely the worse phone I have ever had it's absolutely garbage not with anything keep have to delete contacts that I've deleted before everytime I reset it as it always freezing smart phone more like a basic phone

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          • PPv
          • 13 Jan 2023

          nilofar bibi, 10 Jan 2023Does this phone support 5 GHz frequency in Wi-Fi? Is there... moreNo, 2.4 GHz only

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            • yuumi
            • ftc
            • 12 Jan 2023

            garbage phone. very slow and basic applications freeze and slow down. need to restart phone every day to keep it useable.

              Does this phone support 5 GHz frequency in Wi-Fi?
              Is there a 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency receiver?

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                • Prince
                • XIa
                • 29 Dec 2022

                Oluwadee, 30 Oct 2022Just thought of dropping a review too. When I got my pho... moreYou are right. I'm using the 4/64 variant and it is working perfectly. So the problem is with the 3GB ram variant.

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                  • MHM
                  • KI{
                  • 17 Dec 2022

                  In this price it's the best phone. Runs very smooth, camera is also very good in all light conditions.

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                    • Sin
                    • 0RN
                    • 16 Dec 2022

                    kamsl, 10 Dec 2022Don't buy this phone Better go for Redmi/ Realmi Wor... moreIdk needs more context
                    Redmi 9A £99 got highly price & lower specs
                    Nokia g10 £70 based on UK market pricing at least

                    Maybe your market different
                    But neither will be smooth if we are talking about budget smartphones

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                      • Sin
                      • 0RN
                      • 16 Dec 2022

                      Minu, 08 Dec 2022Some of my colleagues use the G10 as well. But their model ... moreThe problem is Nokia g10 smartphones perform below expected in performance

                      Battery life is excellent got lost in house for 3 days had 75% battery left but you be upset by the user experience when actually using it

                      as it freezes and more freezing up plus phones police randomly on timer if u hold down power button u can't even cancel as phone still freezing

                      Sometimes it perform less bad at times but it's sluggish and it has it's moment's

                      Other brands are better have optimization

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                        • Minu
                        • ter
                        • 10 Dec 2022

                        kamsl, 10 Dec 2022Don't buy this phone Better go for Redmi/ Realmi Wor... moreIf you have the 4GB RAM model and it's slow, don't worry because it would be fixed with an update
                        There are no better realme/redmi alternatives in terms of user experience for this price

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                          • kamsl
                          • IWR
                          • 10 Dec 2022

                          Don't buy this phone Better go for Redmi/ Realmi
                          Worst experience with Nokia
                          My phone 4GB/64GB very slow.

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                            • Minu
                            • ter
                            • 08 Dec 2022

                            Sin , 02 Dec 2022A update The nokia g10 has been replaced by the cyber 9 p... moreSome of my colleagues use the G10 as well. But their model is the 4GB RAM model, because the 3/32 model isn't sold here. Probably that's the reason why they work well without stutters.
                            It's surprising how much a difference in 1GB of RAM makes.

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                              • Sin
                              • 3aP
                              • 02 Dec 2022

                              A update
                              The nokia g10 has been replaced by the cyber 9 pro 8gb ram android 11 mediatek hello p60 Also has 7500mah batterysmartphone
                              (135-pound)this sells for and is miles better then the nokia g10

                              It turns out the bare minimum system requirements for android 12 are 6gb ram Wow the os is a real ram hog

                              As too why the nokia g10 is so sluggish and freeze up all of the time and screen turn black after 15sec
                              Android 12 is so buggy and bad

                              None of us consider the nokia g10 too be usable anymore its just so frustrating too use if only we could get it back too android 11 it be less bad

                              Please don't waste your money on there kinda phones nokia g10
                              There rubbish just plan bad in day too day usage

                              If u do buy don't overpay for them there trash
                              camera & battery fine But there so very sluggish

                              but the phone freeze up slow buggy black screen after 15sec can't be fixed set 2min time out but after few mins phone crash and change setting back too 15sec black screen always

                              disable updating keep it on android 11
                              Do not let it update too android 12

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                                • Anonymous
                                • a4V
                                • 20 Nov 2022

                                leegp , 13 Aug 2022i am thinking of getting this phone, but i like to know if ... more4 64g10 is good one even after updated to android12 the 3g ram variant only have the updation problem my g10 is running smoothly the 4 64 model is ozam...

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                                  • Oluwadee
                                  • Nu7
                                  • 30 Oct 2022

                                  Just thought of dropping a review too.

                                  When I got my phone late last month and read reviews here I was immediately down and almost regreted buying the phone cos of the first three reviews I saw were negative ones about Nokia G10 generally, I haven't even started using the phone at all, I just got back from the store where I bought it from.

                                  But then I decided to check other reviews first before crying and yes I mean crying cos I got the phone with my school fees to tell you how desperately I needed the phone at that time. And gladly when I read some few other reviews I was a little optimistic of mine.

                                  I use the 4/64 model and I did all the necessary updating and upgrading that same day and up till now I've not but enjoyed the phone a great deal.

                                  So I want to believe the 3/32 and 3/64 are the ones experiencing all these down, lagging and other bad side of the phone, so maybe a factory reset or a downgrade back to android 11 will solve your problem if you're experiencing such. But trust me if you're planning to get this phone, get the 4/64 variant and don't be scared to update and upgrade it. Do, and enjoy the phone.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • XTZ
                                    • 12 Oct 2022

                                    Been using the G10 for about 2 weeks now. 4/64 variant.
                                    Updated to the August patch for Android 12.
                                    I basically use this phone for my office communications like WhatsApp, Teams & Outlook only with mobile/wifi data and it has not let me down.
                                    It does not get slow whatsoever and snappier than most reviews I saw online.
                                    I think it's the 3GB RAM variant is the slow one, but not 100% sure.

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                                      • Sin
                                      • pJw
                                      • 11 Oct 2022

                                      Got this smartphone for my mum

                                      It was supposed too be the smartphone just how good Nokia phones are and has been my recommendation brand new for 75 pound as one of the best budget smartphones

                                      Was sold too us as open box but never used but was refurbished with screen and battery replacement
                                      so keep this in mind when reading my review

                                      When we got it
                                      We have the 3gb ram modal

                                      It updated too android 12 so we have never experienced it on android 11

                                      The smartphone don't feel like is durable
                                      I highly doubt it survive a drop

                                      The performance is a little slow straight out of the box
                                      software was a pain too set up

                                      The Nokia g10 runs AndroidOne 12 however
                                      Many bad settings by default and silly problems

                                      Android navigation and screen time out was a struggle gesture navigation is terrible and no Google assistant is not so important it needs it's own button Nokia

                                      This is not user friendly and had too be changed by too standard button navigation

                                      This smartphone may be stock android phone but it's purged with bloutware from FB Netflix Amazon

                                      Not as bad as most smartphones of today but still anyone who needs them apps can just install themselves

                                      The performance is sluggish after using the phone for some time this smartphone can't handle android 12 it's not coping with it

                                      My mum hate this phone because it's slow crashes freeze up block screen long loading times

                                      Nokia old hardware new software experiment is turning out really badly and it's not even updated too android 13 yet

                                      So It's going get even slower and lag even more frustration level for my mum is already sky high

                                      Battery life my mum had 3 day holiday take this phone
                                      Forgot too bring the changer

                                      She played 6 hours of candy crush and had it for 3 days
                                      When she got back home

                                      The phone had 10% battery left

                                      Camera even without a steady hand this phone takes good pictures

                                      The pictures being taken was under such bad conditions as phone not being held still I asked for the pictures too be retaken

                                      But find out they had come out fine
                                      How the text on the pictures come out readable is amazing

                                      For gaming this smartphone runs stock android that is Ideal for gamer's But it's complicated this phone can be found cheap but
                                      This smartphone is below the bar of specs I recommend for gaming so be warned

                                      Basically for gaming you need bare minimum 8gb ram and probably Snapdragon 845 if u want to be able too play any game on the app store

                                      Light gaming u need 4gb ram mediatek p25 should be enough

                                      I tested

                                      mobile legends bang bang

                                      This game runs smoothly on minimum settings but loading times are slow and the big anti gamer notch gets in the way of the screen

                                      League of legends wild rift

                                      This game runs not kinda sluggish on minimum settings loading times are also really slow


                                      Runs mostly smoothly with the occasion Sutters on minimum settings the game runs ok

                                      Candy crush very long loading times sluggish performance complaints

                                      The phone doesn't overheat or thouttle when gaming

                                      This smartphone does have the full functionality of Android it supports spirit screen mode and screen overlays work

                                      Although this smartphone is slow it feels a good 1 or 2 tiers better when watching Netflix without any problems seemed like this phone good till left the app that is

                                      Again I should remind people this a slow phone that freeze sometimes often

                                      The good
                                      Battery life
                                      Stock android
                                      Price if on sale
                                      720p screen

                                      Android version updates but at cost of performance
                                      Some per instilled apps
                                      Most games will run the question if they be playable or not is another question

                                      Android 12 is too heavily
                                      32gb/3gb ram should have been good enough but
                                      Struggles are real with performance
                                      Mediatek processor is underpowered

                                      Notched screen
                                      gesture navigation by default
                                      Sluggish performance
                                      Old hardware

                                      I don't know if I can recommend this phone or not
                                      Main reason is poor performance that is frustrating for some people too use the phone
                                      For 75 pound new probably possibility idk

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 7Xi
                                        • 10 Oct 2022

                                        Try doing a factory reset after updating to Android 12 but backup your data first