Nokia hints at Snapdragon 835 future on its Weibo account

Peter, 23 January 2017

The last S835-powererd Nokia rumor proved to be a red herring, but now Nokia’s official Weibo account is suggesting that it’s just a matter of time as a flagship with a Snapdragon 835 chipset is the works.

Now, we’re relying on Google Translate here so things are a bit fuzzy, but the post mentions “Nokia Windows devices” and it’s not about legacy support either (Microsoft is still on the hook for that one).

And reading between the lines the post likely references Kaby Lake, Intel’s latest architecture. Those chips scale from 3.5W to 91W TDP so maybe a bit much for a phone, but perhaps a tablet?



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

"but perhaps a tablet?" but perhaps a pc or a non relative thing??? I mean a tablet with a tdp of 91 watt gotta have 2100's battery technology implemented :)

  • neil

Yeah! Cheers fellow Nokian!

  • Anonymous

I'm not a Nokia salesman. I'm just a plain tech consumer. Last year, Microsoft divested its mobile devices division (Nokia Devices Business) as CEO Satya Nadela wants to focus on cloud services. This Nokia Devices business was then sold to HMD ...

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