Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

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  • AnonD-129591

Simply, whats that 41MP for?

Zoom a dust, capture it then post it to facebook. Lol

  • enzyke

no Memory card sLot & TV out or HDMI out,,,
n8 & 808 is far far better than this!

  • AnonD-94869

summit, 06 Jun 2013what will you do with 41mp? 5mp is better than 41mp.. in terms o... moreyes, you can make 5 mp photos, using the best choosen pixels from all those 41 megapixels. you use all 41 millions pixels, but the software choose only the best 5 millions ones. also you can make 41 mp raw photo, or 8 mp or 5 mp photo. the best results in terms of colours,dynamic range and noise reduction in night shots are obtained with the 5 mp mode. so go for it. and read something please before writing comments

  • AnonD-133243

and it'll be at least in 5 colors other than black and red: yellow, white, lightblue, cyan and orange

  • wow!

i afraid to see the camera . It is dragon!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Hate or love EOS will come.

Who care about Android phone here when EOS has no real rival, yet.

Go Nokia

  • AnonD-133243

please gsmarena, correct that 1.2ghz, because it's more than sure it'll be at least 1.5ghz.
that usbotg is making me crazy for this beast phone

  • AnonD-80220

41 megapixels from 1/1.2 inch sensors down-sampling to 5 megapixels is proven unbeatable, bro, it enters the league of micro 4/3 and dslr, so dont compare it with an ordinary 5 megapixels cameraphone

  • Vivo

Great with GPRS/EDGE classes 33.
Wish, battery size is 3000mAh+ for the mighty 41 MP camera.

  • AnonD-150781

I am big fan of nokia and i also like 4.5inch display... but why nokia making their each device with too much big bezzels..????

  • AnonD-84418

AnonD-147377, 06 Jun 2013Who needs this cheap outdated plastic? Samsung Galaxy Camera II... moreIt is not all about RAM and cores. Now it is time about MP :) A lot of people will buy EOS.

  • summit

what will you do with 41mp? 5mp is better than 41mp.. in terms of color, saturation , contrast etc..

  • AnonD-10874

according.. to recent posts and blogs .if windows can support quad core processor then Nokia should wait and put them in this ''big daddy'' ... and we also want exp. storage and same most advanced loudspeaker on it just as it is on nokia lumia 928.. please we don't want to comprise any where ??? being 808 pureview user would love to go for it because i've been waiting for it for lon long time..!!

  • AnonD-147377

Who needs this cheap outdated plastic?
Samsung Galaxy Camera II has SIM for communication and has million times better features and camera, specs.
Nokia just quit, you are not meant to be.

  • AnonD-133243

what's that 1.2ghz processor? For sure it has at least L920/925/928 chipset or better.

  • snghkhm

the wp should come with intel processors

  • Apple Fan

Very ugly

  • Anonymous

finally! definitely buying eos, too.

  • AnonD-148606

DEFINITELY BUYING THIS!!!! My Pureview 808 still has about a year left of use then I will keep it under LOCK and KEY as so to ensure that it will be properly preserved. Since its the LAST Symbian flagship model I guess it should be of more value than the Windows based twin in the long run... :D

  • AnonD-108455

I think 1.2Ghz Processor isnt acceptable , at least it should be like previews devices "Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait" or it might be another model ! i donnow actually maybe another Broadcom !