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Nokia Lumia 530

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  • ravi

Help frnds plz help me how to save battery life

  • ravi

AnonD-308773, 02 Nov 2014battery discharge quickly in lumia follow this steps to prevent ... moreWhat's The best apps for battery saver

  • sumit

dinesh, 21 Oct 2014please suggest me which one is good, single sim or dual sim beco... moreThere is no problem about dual sim. But it is not supporting hd videos....

Having using using Microsoft ecosystem since last May on my secondary NL720 device. Although it has some cons. but overall configuration of OS is really sleek and stylish. It will take a while for familiar.
No doubt Microsoft done a superb job to established its mobile OS to give customers another option in very competitive smartphone market where Android is the king.The good which i like is u can control your background running apps, in result of this OS battery last a long, although live tiles are also a unique idea to stay updated but tiles updates info only for some period of the day.
1. SETTINGS: 1st major cons. of this OS is its settings menu which is really confusing it should be determined in a different category wise tabs or groups for easy and user friendly access. But Microsoft throw all controling components of OS and settings here and there. Suppose if you are looking for hard reset option or mobile data option or even you want to copy your contacts from sim to phone then it will definitely make you annoy to find all this in emergency.
2. CONTACTS: If you store two different numbers with same name in your contact list and u want to make call one of them well no you press one name and it will automatically make call without showing number which is obviously irritating. Even if you want to copy your contacts from sim to phone then its really hard to find where the hell this option us exist specialy if u r new user even it took 2 to 3 days for me to find out this which is located in people hub option. Finally whenever u want to store or create any new contact it didn't display the storage location like sim, email or phone.
3. ACTON CENTRE TOGGLES: In action centre there is only 6 toggles u can add it should have more option for new toggles to add specialy heavily used mobile data option which didn't exist in action centre.
Above all cons are only my thoughts and observation and they are the minor issues which will definatly solve in near future updates.

Most of commonly used apps are there in store but majority of those apps are still in beta phase and functionality wise they are 2 years behind specialy social apps (like FB, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram,Viber etc) then Google and Apple apps library.

THE MOST concerning thing is that windows phone didn't have any Google & Apple apps in its store . Which is really sad and main problem for its downfall.Majority of the customers in globe are using google apps to meet their daily demands specialy google maps for navigation and entertaining youtube app . Although Here maps are good option but this application have some issues in some regions like in my country Pakistan . Microsoft should sort out what matter they have had with Google on urgent basis to brings there apps in WP store. If it happens then it will be a huge bonus for this OS . Even Google and Apple have each other apps in their respective stores including Microsoft apps as well, then why windows phone dont have all this stuff in its store . Microsoft become so lazy to sort out these issues with other vendors otherwise they will lose the battle and majority of their customers will shift to other OS.Even i am also shifted to Andriod although i like windowsphone so much and functionality and smoothness wise i rated it above on andriod and iOS.

These are the genuine issues which i found during my experience and then describe here to share with all of you . Microsoft has to address all these matters on war footing basis to stay alive in competition.
Thanks and Waiting For Your Thought's ..

  • gigi

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2014Does it have a automatic brightness control option?No

  • AnonD-323655

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2014Does it have a automatic brightness control option?yes

  • vicky

Does nokia lumia 530 supports MIRACAST?????

  • Anonymous

Does it have a automatic brightness control option?

  • koti

it's afantastic mobile snapdeal in 4999 cost good camera latest os apps slowly download in 2g networks good battery touch

  • AnonD-308773

battery discharge quickly in lumia follow this steps to prevent

1.switch the network mode to 2G only
2.stop the background running apps
3.close all the application by long pressing back button
4.install BATTERY app

now this problem will be solved

  • tamill

rinu, 30 Oct 2014hi friends.. any one help lumia 530 battrey change automat... moreSame problem in my Lumia 530. Battery is reducing for every ten minutes, without use. Its not worth.

  • Dean

If looking at specs the Nokia 530 are a good choice, but 2 questions, does the camera have a flash? and secondly, Can a document scanner application be down loaded? On a few Android phone a document scanner can be downloaded and works well. If the Nokia 530 can take a document scanner it will be my first choice. Please any feedback from somebody that know.

  • Aussie

Got it for $39.90 at woolworths, cheap! Why wont fonts be larger on Apps like Facebook :(. I am squinting apart from that i like it.

  • AnonD-317468

It's good. But the problem is it has low Memory :) it's better for calling and texting only.

  • AnonD-326440

Awesome phone . ð± but a front camera is what everyone needs and though its a budget smartphone, a front cam was expected ...

  • PhoneshopGuy

JBarryC, 31 Oct 2014On the 26th October I purchased a Nokia Lumia 530 smart phone fr... moreEE are right, it isn't anything to do with them and it is an MS issue. You could try contacting them to see if there's any issues with your account, or try logging in on a PC first just to make sure it's all working.

  • JBarryC

On the 26th October I purchased a Nokia Lumia 530 smart phone from the local phone shop (EE in Newbury, UK) on a "pay as you go" basis. Although I can get onto the internet via wifi, I am having difficulty in creating a Microsoft account.

I get a message "We're having trouble signing in. Make sure you have good reception etc" together with an error code 800c0005. Attempts have been made in the shop by the shop assistant as well as by me in my home and so I don't think it's a problem with my router.

I have manually set the time and date on the phone as accurately as I can using a "speaking clock" service on our landline.

EE refuse to look into this problem, saying it is between me and Microsoft, which I find strange seeing that the Microsoft apps are needed to get the most out of the phone and the User Guide strongly recommends opening a Microsoft account.

Please anyone you help?

  • Anonymous

Mahmoud mohamed, 26 Oct 2014Does it support face book. What app. ViberObviously it supports Viber facebook WhatsApp line wechat Skype Pandora Spotify twitter and more ! It's Windows phone 8.1 man !the most unique is for people who think out of the crowd

  • emox

4 din jack problem

  • Anonymous

rinu, 30 Oct 2014hi friends.. any one help lumia 530 battrey change automat... moreunnistall al the aplication and set the brightness on medium, also disable wifi and 3G when you not use it.