Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610

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  • Anonymous

Ricky mon, 11 Sep 2012Guys i brought nokia lumia 610 ystrdy bt da problm is dat m unab... moreThe phone has a built in micro sim you can't use your old sim card just do sim swap.

  • keyshia

i can't send files via buetooth,can you please help me

  • Vasu

Does Nokia Lumia 610 have whatsapp??

  • Fostar

Can nokia lumia 610 supports all microsoft windows 7 softwares??

  • vvk

battery back up strand by mode

  • arvind

data sharing is very bad exeperence

  • lisa

aq, 11 Sep 2012yes lumnia supports skype because it iz windows phonethnx for ur response

  • uday avis

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2012Lumia soon supports Bluetooth file transfer/new start screen win... moreThis frds this mobile have 3x4 keypad ????

  • Anonymous

Lumia soon supports Bluetooth file transfer/new start screen win 8 type / personal ring tones /flip to silent ...­times-ahead-for-all-nokia-lumia-smartphones/

Good job Nokia..

  • nokian

Nokia Conversations confirms the following for WP7.8 which will appear in current Lumia devices in phases.

A new Start screen look and feel, familiar from Windows Phone 8, giving you a whole new look the moment you unlock your phone
Ringtone maker app to selected markets to create a personal ringtone
Contact share app updated to support sharing over Bluetooth in addition to SMS and email
Bluetooth file transfer to send media files via Bluetooth from your Lumia device to any other phone­times-ahead-for-all-nokia-lumia-smartphones/

  • aq

yes lumnia supports skype because it iz windows phone

  • george_k

rafique, 11 Sep 2012Skype was initially available on Lumia 610, but user experience ... morei would like to thank you for the info, very helpful.

  • Jo

AnonD-70803, 10 Sep 2012do whatsapp functn properly in this lumia 610? please help me gu... moreIt's not working well. I don't get the messages the way i should, even after enableing everything they say and push notifications. The messages are delayed and I don't receive notifications unless I check it manually.

  • lisa

does lumia 610 support skype?

  • lisa

does lumia 610 support skype?

  • balvinder singh

gugna, 10 Sep 2012i bought lumia 610 now it dose't connected with my pc zune is al... moreLumia610 is not support Bluetooth any handsets and not download music,video other pc. Pls help me and any suggestions

  • garla

weekend got Lumia 610.. am loving it.. am not regreating my switch from Samsung finally.. i was once fan of Nokia.. now Nokia looks to be back with good products..

  • abrar

Rafique, 11 Sep 2012@abrar : I normally do using Zune , more details on given pdf li... morethanks bro

  • rafique

george_k, 11 Sep 2012does 610 support skype? thanks in advncdSkype was initially available on Lumia 610, but user experience was not up to par.. now Its not available recently in market place.. there was a discussion where Microsoft promised to bring Skype for 610.. not sure what happen ..
610 works for rest.. not skype/angry bird.. i would say any thing which is memory hungry you can't expect to run on 610 ..

great phone for ppl want to try Lumia series..

  • george_k

does 610 support skype? thanks in advncd