Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610

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  • AnonD-69004

babi, 31 Aug 2012you need it i will give my lumia for free hello babi, my friend is already brought and after see its feature he already gifted to his sir and my friend tell that its worthless phone. ok

  • AnonD-69004

well the handset is fine but lots of feature is missing like no extra spot for memory card. low speed in 3g or hsdpa also only 800mhz operating speed which is quite low and lack of java feature and no wi-fi hotspot and also no mass memory and only 65k color which is extremly low if i compare to other handset. Overall i prefer nokia c-7 or other to buy or i mocking to say that n95 is far better than this.and also price is high around 12299 which is unwanted.

  • Archee

Zune software is not working properlyy ..!!!

  • shaz

guys i m planning to buy dis mobile...but i m confused to buy dis one or the samsung galaxy ace?plz help me...
weather we can download free games and apps? for dis nokia lumia as it is available in android set...?

  • vish

Akash, 31 Aug 2012Hw is the camera clearity its just using it...

  • Akash

Hw is the camera clearity

  • AnonD-69190

ZUNE SETUP is not working Properly?

kindly do the alternation...

  • Sunil

Lumia is Luminous and like any Nokia mobile its user frendly at reasonable cost --- Cheers

  • babi

AnonD-69004, 31 Aug 2012Bakwas mobile created by nokia. I think that should be give it need it i will give my lumia for free

  • AnonD-69004

Bakwas mobile created by nokia. I think that should be give it free.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2012when the price will be reduced?The price is constent

  • AnonD-69136

there is no compass in 610

  • pandepugon21

very good phone i trully love it nice

  • autobots

Rishabh, 29 Aug 2012Thumbs up...LUMIA made affordable...12K bucks...not at all bad..... morethanks bro

  • harnendra

got it for $160, a real deal for windows phone

the only stupid thing is that you can't browse download and install apps using Zune on your PC...but somehow you can use Zune and your PC's internet to download when you plug it to your PC IF you've already initiated the download from your phone's Wifi/mobile network

  • bab

it has only 6 gb internal memory

  • Gadget

Try to install Zune software onto your PC or laptop that should enable your features

  • Anonymous

usb is only for accesories

  • r

AnonD-68685, 28 Aug 2012when i call any number, then display light is off.after cut off ... morethats the work of proximity sensor! Stop u from using your cheek to pres the scren

  • Rishabh

Thumbs up...LUMIA made affordable...12K bucks...not at all bad...awesome windows experience...fantastic touch...i must say...if you buy a 5K or say 35K android phone...the appearance is all same...i like windows place is not at all have good apps available...not like android...which gives chance to any damn app to be there...i like the are too good...far ahead from android have 8GB internal n 7GB unfortunately no card slot...i guess that is not needed though...its a must but..after a long i am writing for a nokia phone...