Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610

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  • Anonymous

610 has nfc file transfer and wifi tethering.making it most feature packed windows phone.
Now priced at 11.5k this will be a runaway hit.

  • Sameeran

malik ali, 16 Mar 2012lumia 610 battery backup is wrong on gsmarena ...becoz i have ch... moreyes,the battery specification about this device on gsmarena is wrong....for exact specification check­10/specifications/
and its really a great phone. . . .

  • SOyeRR

isn't this nokia 710 ?? xD

  • vivek

must have given external memory card slot in all lumia... 8 GB isn't enough..... OR internal memory must b 16 GB, atleast.....

  • Abraham

This pone is just awesome..I Love Nokia..

  • jtmj

wat should i buy windows phone o a android phone?

  • Anonymous

no second not buying

  • malik ali

lumia 610 battery backup is wrong on gsmarena ...becoz i have checked it from nokiacom its gsm timing is 10.5 hours which is quit enough for windows phone and on 3g its 9.5 hours ...thatswhy this phone is really good

  • Victor

GSMARENA TEAM, Add wifi hotspot too for this.

  • lonestrider

if its true this phone have only 3MP camera, then this phone is overpriced.

what about battery life? If this phone can go past a day with 3G signal, I'll go for it!

The apps will still go on the background, but for very limited number of apps.

  • guest

Cortex A9, 14 Mar 2012Lumia 610 have: 3.2mpx and vga camera(640x480 pix), wp 7.5 tang... moreu got it wrong on the camera. if u go to the pictures of the Nokia 610, the back will show a 5mp sign right next to the camera

  • Anonymous

dissapointment guys.. wikipedia says that Because of the limited memory of
this phone, background tasks
will be disabled and certain
applications will not be able to

  • Roshan

Below is the Link to Nokia India Site which has all the specifications Related to Lumia 610­10/specifications/

  • Rahu

can we transfer images, songs & videos through bluetooth???????

  • AnonD-38591

Anonymous, 14 Mar 2012I currently own a WP7 handset (LG Optimus 7).I,ve had it now for... moreMy friend you need Nokia 3310. That type of handsets are purely for your type of people. :)

  • Anonymous

Ricky, 13 Mar 2012nic mobile....i mean hr tel me guys who iz d better..... morelumia 610 is better than galaxy ace, lumia 610 3.7 inch large gorrila glass scracth proff display, internet exploler 9 full pc interne experience, 8 gb internal , unlimited taxtale photo, 25 gb skydrive memory, you chosse lumia 610. Not buy galaxy ace, galaxy ace low display quality, and low internal memory

  • ajmalshah

its attractive set.

  • Cortex A9

Lumia 610 have: 3.2mpx and vga camera(640x480 pix), wp 7.5 tango, Gsmarena have mistake information(wm 7.5 mango, HD video,5mpx), lumia is good mobile and cheap price

  • nokia sucks

256mb ram is good :D

  • AnonD-1984

lumia 610 can set a new benchmark. windows ph and that too available around 11k india is not bad at all.
the price bracket is very attractive. im quite bored with symbian and android interface. lets hope the windows ph can stand up to the expectation although new interface always requires some time to get adjust. waiting for launch N will definitely buy it