Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620

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  • AnonD-27721

phone will be priced 17999 INR , no expectation to be sub 15000 inr

  • Anonymous

I will buy that phone if:
Phone has FM Radio;
Price less than 300 EUR.

  • AnonD-44163

now I'm gonna replace my nokia 603 with this one!

  • AnonD-85762

battery life is gotta be AWFUL.

  • AnonD-33395

will be priced somewhere between lumia 710 & lumia 800

  • AnonD-84084

WoW!!! Amazing!! Can't wait to have this phone early next year. Yahooo!!! Nice one Nokia!!! ;)

  • AnonD-73681

Hooorray! My secondary phone is coming!

  • CHEN

excellent!!! I will be getting this phone depending on price,hope it's within 2000RMB ! looks perfect to start the new windows system.

  • ray

i thought they will put the pureview technology next to lumia phone in the cheaper price.

  • AnonD-85758

if around 200$ (INR 10,000) i will buy it..specs are good and pricing has to be rite to make it a phone for the masses looking for a decent smartphone.