Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620

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  • Idris
  • xtS
  • 19 Aug 2022

justustibs, 13 Sep 2020I am totally failing to download anything using this phone ... moreIts dosent connect to Internet

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    • Anonymous
    • PbK
    • 06 Jan 2021

    justustibs, 13 Sep 2020I am totally failing to download anything using this phone ... morebro u need to update the firmware to Win 10 Mobile, bc win 7, 8 and 8.1 servers are Down donde 2019

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      • nikola
      • 0mM
      • 23 Nov 2020

      justustibs, 13 Sep 2020I am totally failing to download anything using this phone ... moredude... the OS's server ended like 3 years ago. ofc it doesnt load you anything

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        • justustibs
        • C8u
        • 13 Sep 2020

        620, 18 Feb 2018Amazing phone. I switched to it from L430. It is a bit slow... moreI am totally failing to download anything using this phone the search engine is working clearly to access everything i search for but its unable to continuously shows no connection to the i internet yet everything is set........cant guess why

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          • valeriajack6
          • ki$
          • 25 Sep 2019

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            • Anonymous
            • rW$
            • 26 Jul 2019

            Not a good phone from Nokia. Poor responsiveness of the TFT screen, plus it is too small. Bulky and heavy feeling phone. Side buttons not easy to use, camera not that great. I got the 520 instead, better camera, better and more sensitive screen, louder speakers.

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              • Anonymous
              • NYI
              • 20 Apr 2019

              I have been using this phone for times but since I reset it its camera is not working

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                • MATU
                • AL{
                • 04 Apr 2019

                Graham, 19 Feb 2019Am I missing something - why won't the phone connect to a w... more My phone didn't ring anymore. Resetting to factory settings solved my problem.

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                  • Graham
                  • rvc
                  • 19 Feb 2019

                  Am I missing something - why won't the phone connect to a wi-fi connection?

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                    • mohamed faizal
                    • X${
                    • 27 Jun 2018

                    i use this mobile since 2014...but i have some problem in touch and it costs...1500...

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                      • User620
                      • nyr
                      • 28 May 2018

                      I use this mobile phone since 2014 March, so more than 4 years already

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                        • Anonymous
                        • NwF
                        • 11 May 2018

                        my phone nokia lumia 620 does not start on completely

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                          • 620
                          • x1y
                          • 18 Feb 2018

                          Amazing phone. I switched to it from L430. It is a bit slower and has less RAM, but nonetheless it is compact, swift and comfortable to use with only one hand, it has a decent camera. I'm going to stick to it untill it dies since there are no longer good compact phones (even iPhone 5S/SE is too large -- too tall precisely).

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                            • rahulmku
                            • XSk
                            • 14 Feb 2018

                            use this phone 4 years and very smooth i like this phone

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                              • Schweeps
                              • SiN
                              • 02 Oct 2017

                              I use this phone for 5 years. Still smooth, and stable. Best.

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                                • sylvainm
                                • sjE
                                • 28 Aug 2017

                                I have this phone since almost 5 years, I got no problem at all, very good battery (I can spend 2/3 days without charging the battery), crashed several times but still works fine, only thing is that Windows Phone is bad, but good phone for those who use their phone to send SMS or calls only or mainly.

                                Nokia held his reputation, very solid phone even though all is going apart when it fall, and excellent battery (which can be easily changed).

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • RxA
                                  • 15 Jun 2017

                                  How to I set my mobile (Lumia 620) to ring for a longer period of time? Currently it onlu rings for 10 seconds

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • NwI
                                    • 23 May 2017

                                    mandy, 04 Feb 2017Worst phone i have ever used it has camera promblem also mo... moreyou know i want tu buy that phone tell me there have problem?

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                                      • George
                                      • 3ns
                                      • 16 May 2017

                                      Have this phone about 5-6 days and its a good machine.Camera give a pretty good pictures,ringtones is perfect(which is not on Android phones).What do I say more?Good machine,hope to I'm not a last owner of this :)

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                                        • AnonD-621405
                                        • LKm
                                        • 31 Mar 2017

                                        I have had my Lumia 620 for 2 & half years and I still love it.
                                        I have dropped it several times and it is still fine ( it has a gel case- a must-have IMO).
                                        Main Camera quality is excellent, no complaints with the secondary either. The OS (8.1) is stable and there are (now) lots of apps for it. I know some people have had problems with it freezing - I have only experienced this maybe one or twice since I've had it and all it needed was a reboot. Flight mode works fine.The battery life is not fantastic, but it's adequate. And I love the tiles! I have used iPhone and Android ( I develop sw for android too) and I still prefer my Lumia and Windows OS - I find it more intuitive than either of the other two platforms. I just wish more Banks and other large organizations would add support for Windows in their mobile banking apps. J