Nokia Lumia 625

Nokia Lumia 625

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  • AnonD-739504

Oh boi, my first ever smartphone that i had. The Gorilla Glass cracked so badly last year then i switch onto Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X.

It's still functioning just don't like the fact that i have to bear 480p display with cracked screen lol

  • Anonymous

Ifo, 19 Jan 2018Hi I've just bought a Nokia 625 second hand. I was just won... moreSettings>About>Reset Your Phone

  • Ifo

Hi I've just bought a Nokia 625 second hand. I was just wondering how I can factory reset my phone please. Urgent . Gf almost having a bf , trying to reset it lol

  • Cat

Overheated when i opened camera app.

  • ictk

Why that I can't download ppsspp on my Nokia Lumia 625 and some applications that I really like on android phones

  • suman paudel

This phone is amazing it cam run 6hours continuously without charge when it is fully charged but I can't use store in this phone

  • singha

Can I use imo on it

  • AnonD-706142

I bought a Secondhand Nokia Lumia 625
Eventhough it has a 2000 mAh Li ion battery it gives about good battery bakup
On continuos usage - 3,4 hrs
using as a basic phone it gives 4 days
Its a 2014 model , about 4 yrs still a good piece of shit
Damn i love this phone
I thought lumia was a waste
Its best phone to use a basic and a security one
Lumia 625 has corning gorilla glass its 2.5D
Dolby for headphones, the main speaker has a good out
its Latest update is 8.1
has only 512MB Ram
8GB internal
5MP camera - good one, has flash
It has 4G support So Jio sim works on this phone smooothly
even in 4g it gives me more than 2 hrs upto 20% continuos usage
4 yrs old
To use jio sim (Who has problems - network issue - u have to call jio customer care from other phone - Then tell i have some n/w issue on my jio sim - when i have inserted in a windows 4G Phone - So they"ll troubleshoot and u could use jio sim in windows 4G phone.
This is my first Windows 4G mobile
And dont do any stupid ideas like using jio sim in 3G phone....
It would destroy processor or mobile

  • v

I'm using this phone for 2 years and it's good! Battery is almost as strong as the first day of use. I have installed Windows 10 (using registry hack method), build 10586, so far so good. The only problem is Skype which stopped working 2 months ago on Windows 8.1 and it requires newer Windows 10 version (build 14393) to be installed, which requires more RAM and doesn't run smoothly on Lumia 625. Everything else is still good.

  • hashir

Churchill, 14 Apr 2017My phone is lock I want to unlock it using pcnokia lumia 625 jio not working

  • sunil

PRABHAKAR SINGH, 20 Dec 2016Please Nokia Lumia appsLumia625 not spot jio si

  • dr guwah

papi, 20 Apr 2017How to use tha ring tone hie, i had the same issue on my nokia 625 OEM buttons they are not duable, easily went off while cleaning the phone. But i inserted something and now works perfectly fine. Find a dead remote open it and cut the black portion of the button from inside and place on your lumia then tape...or u can use ion crystals

  • arie andrea

facebook messenger is working on my Nokia Lumia 625. How do get one?

  • AnonD-677347

It's a great I got one from the very first batch available in Kochi. Still going great , recently battery was draining fast, and phone was getting hot. Done a factory reset .. BOOM its good again.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-666058, 01 May 2017Check 4 update and update after u will get 2g 3g and 4g net... moreI am using nokia Lumia 625 and cyan update. which update support 4g?

  • shankar athirathan

bootable error top of screen

  • AnonD-673288

using lumia phones is a great choice for me, its just that lumia 625 has 512 mb ram only. not enough for gaming

  • Anonymous

No Smule Sing! ....pls add this app too

  • ademola oluwanifemi

my phn is not briging service

  • brown

Have not been able to upgrade my os and there's been limitations to functionality pls how do I go about it?