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Nokia Lumia 630

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  • Lumia 630

Recently after performing a factory reset, I'm unable to to use data in 3g. I tried everything from apn, changing sim, carriers, but was able to use only on 2g data... Any suggestion

  • Harsha

Were good phone

  • ulhaqpak

This used to be my favourite phone today I own iPhone 11 Pro Max but man that time was so good. It's a shame Microsoft didn't give this device even a bit of time. Nothing happens overnight. I had a couple of Lumia devices at home even after it's support ended

  • Alastal

Insight, 21 Jan 2020After factory reset, my L 630 (Win8.1) refusing to accept a... moreUpgrade it to Windows 10m

  • dbsBOSS

Ajit Datts, 01 Jan 2020Not getting whatsapp/facebook since 21 Dec.went to service ... moreSorry to say but that's due to WhatsApp ending supporting due to the age of the device so nothing can be done you have to buy either android or ios device which are supported,WhatsApp gave up support because Microsoft had announced they would no longer support these old phones regardles of number of current users

  • Anonymous

ratnamohan borgohain, 10 Oct 2019My Nokia Lumia 630 phone disturb me can't open Microsoft ac... moreNot good as I really want

  • Insight

After factory reset, my L 630 (Win8.1) refusing to accept any account!

  • Ajit Datts

Not getting whatsapp/facebook since 21 Dec.went to service centre at Noida Sector 2 and was told that phone is compatible to receive WhatsApp and software is blocked by company. Kindly intervene

  • ratnamohan borgohain

Adib, Dhaka, 09 Oct 2019Lumia 630 has a very addicting display, which was the sole ... moreMy Nokia Lumia 630 phone disturb me can't open Microsoft account every time say error code 800c005

  • Adib, Dhaka

Lumia 630 has a very addicting display, which was the sole reason I purchased it. However , this phone has a scary problem. The phone has a camera function called Cinemagraphy. Which in another name can be called GIF. Ever since I started recording GIF images, the phone became problematic for me. There became a correlation between turning on my phone screen, and increase of traffic jams. If I turned on the screen, I would hear shoutings and anger from nearby people. Things were also going bad for me. It was occuring in 2016. I bought the phone in Fall 2015. I had used an android phone from Nokia in the past, but I did not notice this trends back then. The fault is actually in the capability of the Windows operating system. The better looking and powerful the system becomes, the greater the problems arise.
If I am using a phone loving it's display, but while the phone is running, if my luck goes difficult and I am causing problems to people by running it, what good is there. I bought the phone not to play games or animation, but just for productivity and camera.
As of 2019, the phone is still with me, but I do not run it out of worry. Worries that were created in 2016.

  • venom0706

I just transferred some .mp3 songs on my Lumia 630 (running on Win 8).

However, when I tried to open them immediately after receiving them, the phone says "the file can't be opened".

I went to search for them in both the Phone and SD Card folders (so I can delete them), but they are nowhere to be found. I installed the Files app - still nothing. I checked in the Music app - nothing.

I lastly plugged the phone to my laptop to manually find them - they don't appear anywhere!

I am really desperate - can you possibly help? Where are these files?!

Thanks and much appreciated!

  • Anonymous

After 4-5 years I am going to purchace a Redmi 6.

What I will miss:
-the comfortable 4.5" screen
-builtin apps without any advertisments (indeed)
-strong design against drop/fall down
-stable OS, no freeze, no restart
-my everyday full tastelessness of my phone (really I did not care that I dont have screen protector or case, I did not care if the phone accidentaly fall down, its backplate if fully scratched now)
-compact size in my packet

What I wont miss:
-poor application development, only few apps are available
-no messenger, no facebook app, no tinder app, totally buggy browser app, random app closes in 99% of apps, poorly functional gmail app, no flash, weak camera in dark environment. I also wont miss the suffering frustrating mind killer web browsing capability when trying to buy any tickets online. Wifi sometimes cannot connect to other access points when changing location (eg: from workplace AP then to home AP.)
-lack of compass

Its hard to express what I feel, but I am going to introduce a hammer to this lumia.

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for nearly 5 years, looking for a new one now but i'm going to miss this one. Survived many falls and fell in water once and came out fine.
Also the perfect size - can't find any new phones at this size (4.5")

  • Anonymous

Very good phone. I have been using one for 3+ years without any issue. No lagging or slow down observed. Had dropped several times too. Good battery life (still using the original battery). It's a shame Microsoft ended their highly potent mobile platform for whatever reason.

  • DazTattoo

Yeah TOTALLY gutted M/S have given up on windows phone !!! They have trillions (Xbox / PC's). Im a Computer Technician..... Windows Phone is just perfect / Simplistic but very very functional and swift.

  • P.P

Awesome phone ever seen i m using since 4.6 yrs nothing has happened to the phone even though dropped multiple times the phone is still working fine

  • Paul

Have used my Nokia Lumia 630 since 2014. Still works fine. My 2.5 year old boy has dropped it countless times; I just put it together and it works. He has even learnt to put it together after dropping it. I share with him because there is a kids colour learning video on it. VERY GOOD PHONE. I wonder if the new Nokia phones with Android are also good.

Nokia_guy, 22 Nov 2018I feel you. But this phone is like 5 years old. We need new man!!I know it has reached end of it's life. But Nokia or Microsoft or both of them could have revivied or reboot the phone and os.
Absolutely simple and smooth working.

  • Nokia_guy

Vic4BBM, 26 Jul 2018After using it for 3 years, I am now giving up the use of t... moreI feel you. But this phone is like 5 years old. We need new man!!

  • Anonymous

dhanushka, 18 Oct 2018can i upgrade the RAM 512MB memory to 1GB for this phone? i... moreYou can't.