Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630

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  • Indian

Nokia should avoid front black color...........For front side Pre-black best option or full color both sides like samsung handsets :)

  • Tom

Since Lumia 630 has no FLASH AND FRONT CAM.. I expect this to be NL520 succesor.. And it will be priced close to the 525

  • Hassi

Midrangers this year now having
16GB Internal Memory and 1.5GB RAM

  • AnonD-240798

Pllzzzzzz plzzzzzz led flash nd front cam must be there in Lumia 630

  • AnonD-240798

tip, 21 Mar 2014Specs shows that the phone has 8 MP camera with LED flash but th... moreYes nd also there is not front cam in pic

  • AnonD-111998

Why not in Cyan?????

  • sanjoy

what about procesor ang gpu

  • Hideki08

Great job nokia.
But no green color available?
What is the price range of this one?

  • Anonymous

no FM radio???!!!!!!!! @@

  • AnonD-243350

ohh thats great phone ,dual sim

  • AnonD-243350

this is very nice mobile .

  • AnonD-168372


  • AnonD-246462

colors Orange, yellow, white, black and in the pic is green
the cam have led flash but in the pics don't have flash !!

  • SIMK

Colors:Orange, yellow, white, black and the phone in the picture is green!!!

  • hitu

price it under 15K and it can be a good seller

  • Farhad Hossain

Nice !!!!

  • tip

Specs shows that the phone has 8 MP camera with LED flash but the flash doesn't appear on leak photos...

  • AnonD-246405

Not really impressed if it will be like this, the screen resolution could have been better, and Nokia needs to step up with more RAM in their phones, even though they are low-mid range.

  • joseph

With LED flash?

  • Anonymous