Nokia Lumia 635

Nokia Lumia 635

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  • raj

Nokia/Microsoft is so lazy.There is no Dual sim.512 MB RAM.No Secondary camera.It's very poor device.For this Samsung is overtaking Nokia.

  • Prasad D

512 MB ram . 5mp camera.. no flasher.. I cant imagine how nokia thinking about phones..

  • mohan

those who say it lacks front cam and is a budget phone kepp that in mind before commenting...or go and buy the moto and samesung shitty devices..

  • jigs

In 635, only one thing is good CPU ,nothing is good in the phone . U should provide flash light ,secondary camera,and atleast 1 gb ram in the range of $ 275-300,u can stand in the market

  • AnonD-86051

ho.. Nokia.., its bad, again disappointed! Named 635, but not reach near to 625/620(flash,front cam) even 525(1GB RAM) when consider specifications. Love u nokia, but hate ur lumia 630 and 635. Going to buy samsung or sony android.

  • Green

Waiting for Lumia 730:

Price = 1.3mp front camera.
6. Camera Flash.
7. Gorilla Glass

if not, i dont see how Lumia can continue to capture market.

  • disappoint

5mp? 512rm? very disappointing.
stupid phone n stupid nokia team ever...

very disappointing.seriously Nokia. not 1GB of RAM.

  • Chirag B

No secondary camera... can't believe even XOLO/Micromax basic models have secondary camera. Team Nokia wake up!!!

  • AnonD-183568

nokia must named as lumia 530 or 5xx ...

  • AnonD-183568

no led flash, 512 mb ram...very disappointing....

  • AnonD-234130

the same old poor design and with no flash,no front camera, only 512mb ram.Nokia sucks.

  • rrm

yey, can get it for tmobile to upgrade my 521

  • jain

Great mobile .....but no front camera,no flash and only 512MB RAM .......sad