Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720

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  • AnonD-625108

Worst experience I had. In one month I went to customer care for Mora than 3 times. And one more thing never go for windows phone it really sucks. If you want to rechrge. Otp prob, if you want to call a cab like ola. It sucks again. If you want to download anything it will end when you minimize. I suffered years with this. Now I switched to andriod and I am living samrt life now. Once again never go for windows phone.

  • AnonD-622392

hi i have a nokia lumia 720 i love the cellphone but can anyone answer me this? when i try to download videos there is always a pop up saying i need to download and app to save the video, so then i do so but everything saves in the app and when i want to uninstall the app for more space everything in the app goes with it, why does my mp3 or mp4 not save directly to the device?

  • Sekar GS

kajiru, 20 Aug 2016Same with me, my WP N720 freezes occationally and I am help... morepress volume down button and home button at a time and windows icon. it will go off and will on automatically. no need to wait for long time. also dont try other options to damage the phone.

  • Sekar GS

AnonD-179617, 08 Nov 2016Have a problem with opening Whatsapp on the Lumia 720, some... moreyou have to update the version of the whatsapp and also have some free space in RAM. i faced the same issue earlier , but still im happily using NOKIA LUMIA 720 and working awesome.

I have still my 3 and half year old Lumia 720.but it mostly remains at home because I using mostly Note 4 or Xperia XZ for my personal use.
Last month I lost it for 4 to 5 days in rainy season here in punjab Pakistan.
Later we discovered this one from sun shade at 1st floor because children are mostly use to play games on this cell n actually someone of them throw this cell on sun shade while fighting for games to play. It was kept at sun shade while torrential rain in pdriods about 3 - 4 days. When I discovered it was in mudy smugly condition I wash it with water n kept in sun light for whole day. At evening I plugged in charger n believe me it starts charging then I tried to turned it ON and believed me it eventually turns ON and start working(have little black spots at some areas on screen but overall working smoothly) ....Unbelievable Mind-blowing
...that's gonna call Solid build weatherproof quality of Legend NOKIA
who doesn't required any IPSbla bla bla

  • AnonD-609783

Amit, 03 Nov 2016This phone I bought in 2013 & it is still running prett... morehi same here I bought mine in 2013. Strangely this gorilla glass phone and I have a protector screen, my screen broke while falling so many times :)

  • AnonD-179617

Have a problem with opening Whatsapp on the Lumia 720, someone has a solution ?
Have already deleted and reinstalled Whatsapp.

  • AnonD-607344

Please Nokia company my Lumia 720 camera is no more taking pictures if you press camera key it will not hold please what is the pro

  • Amit

This phone I bought in 2013 & it is still running pretty well. Why Microsoft ceased the production of Lumia sets is still unknown.

  • AnonD-97052

I'm sorry but I have to part away with my phone even after giving me 3 years of better service.
Still phone is working better but lack of app support and no progress for 712 MB devices made me to go back to Android.
I have kept my Lumia 720 as back-up phone in showcase!
Will miss you.

  • Berry

Go to settings - select option mobile +sim - under sim settings change 3G to 2 G

  • d j mapee

The back camera of my product is not Clear any help

  • d j mapee

The back camera of This product is not Clear

  • Daniel

somebody knows how to change my red tipe from 3G to 2G?

  • Anonymous

kajiru, 20 Aug 2016Same with me, my WP N720 freezes occationally and I am help... morePress and hold power and volume down buttons at the same time, until the phone vibrates (it takes about 10 seconds). This performs soft reset, it is like removing the battery on older phones. Here you can check it out,

  • aaa

This phone can download wechat?

  • Shahrukh

Great Phone... I am using this phone since January 2014 and is working outstanding.

  • raj8796804807

kajiru, 20 Aug 2016Same with me, my WP N720 freezes occationally and I am help... moreplz dont charge ur mobile when it is freezes.wait for 00% of battery discharging..after discharging whole it will be restared ...

  • Amit

Lumia 720 using since 2013. No issues till date. nice smartphone.

  • Anonymous

joy, 11 Mar 2016Hey I forgot the password of my phone(lock screen) so I re... moreReset your phone and then update