Nokia Lumia 800 sales fail to meet targets?

22 November, 2011

Nokia was really trying hard to convince us that everyone wants a piece of their first WP smartphone. The company stated that the Lumia 800 has broken all of its pre-order records and the demand for the smartphone stays high after it hit the shelves.

However, if the Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette is to be believed, the Lumia 800 won't be able to meet the sales targets set by its manufacturer. Previously tipped to generate over 2 million sales, the Lumia 800 will reportedly only manage a quarter of that number.

If Nokia manages to ship just 500,000 Lumia 800 units, then the company is in big trouble. The Finns' newly appointed CEO basically put all of his eggs into the Windows Phone basket and failure simply isn't an option.

Of course, we'll be much better prepared to talk about this once the holiday season is over and we have some official numbers.

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