Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900

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Gimped Version of the AT&T Lumia 900...

Thanks for nothing Nokia. It you make a flagship phone for an OS ... then it TRULY needs to be flagship. Put stuff on like rockets and jets, not take things off!

  • nx

weak processor, weak display, too heavy .....
classic nokia :D
long live other brands :D

  • AnonD-44043

I want to find out if you can share the nokia lumia windows phones internet connection wirellesly or via usb to your computer.(if you can use them as a modem)

  • zero hero

nokia is best

  • MAG

not great as a flagship for WP7

  • Nik

Sounds so great... hope this is out by May when my next contract starts...
Waiting for it now... Nokia n Windows... both my fav...

  • James Lee

Been waiting for something to replace my N8 for the longest time, but a bit disappointed. No gorilla glass unlike the US version, what the hell?

  • mafia

Nokia ...father of all mobiles. Lumia 900 as expected from me.m satisfy n i will definitely get it. great job nokia

  • Irfan Shah

Looking nice phone , list wait and see when the beast come .

  • MrMemory

What's with the RAM? Why is Nokia saving on that?

  • Prateik

GR8 Cell Ever in Nokia History!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nokia Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy Windows With Lumia