Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T

Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T

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  • me

AnonD-43117, 21 Feb 2012Nice look But Lumia 900 dont have a symbian belle.window quality... moreWhat are you talking? WP7 is awesome and much better than Symbian, Android or even iOS

  • better or no.

Real too weight!!.­75&idPhone2=3621

  • guest :)

How do you know that it has NFC?

  • domnic

internal memory should have been increased to 32 gb

  • ara

white lumia 900!,Is it real?but they dint anounced it in CES!

  • Anonymous

D.J.P, 22 Feb 2012Lack of bluetooth v2.1 Nokia should have upgraded it to v 3why dodnt u create one then?

  • Graham

No micro-SD!@#

Sorry Nokia you're going to go broke if you don't start putting basic features back in to your phones.

And does it have a decent earpiece volume that older people with slightly deminished hearing can actually hear (unlike the N8 which for me was unusable)?

  • ann taylor

it is not supported a memory card... it is not good because its memory is so samll

  • gaurav

owsm phn it........

  • erick

nokia has the best offline navigation app on all mobile phone.. lumia has no offline navigation apps.. just like ordinary windows 7 phone with nokia label don't buy this phone.. bring back symbian and improve.. symbian is much better OS and it has better battery life compare to all OS..

  • Anonymous

the most basic and simple purpose for this phone is music and social networking. Please keep that in mind.

  • shane

it is a great phone guys you should buy it i am totally impressed by its specifications !!!

  • nana

good looking phone

  • D.J.P

Lack of bluetooth v2.1 Nokia should have upgraded it to v 3

  • johny

hi,plz notepad the acc.query abt insurance.

  • datta chavan

this is a vary good internet speed NOKIA 900

  • Nice

Nokia Lumia 900 its good looking model

  • Anonymous

It just screams mid-end:(

  • don

if nokia change their oppareting system then i m over sure that evry mobile company will gone for their loss..... So plz nokia change ur system. Not symbian , not windows