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Nokia Lumia 920

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  • Lumina Boy

waski, 07 Sep 2012I'm one of the biggest fans of Nokia. and every time I expect to... more1. is there any phone app that requires QUAD CORE? (None)
2. Lumia 920 offers 8MP only but uses Pureview Technology, aside from that, this phone uses Puremotion HD+ that eliminates shakiness when recording videos... let me reiterate, eliminates shakiness
3. There is no need for a 2GB RAM because the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 complements the 1GB RAM which is enough for a smooth operation of the phone!

  • AnonD-70145

theCHOSENone, 07 Sep 2012i was at the Nokia convention in NYC, and one of the reps told m... morefor the matter of fact it is krait :)

  • theCHOSENone

i was at the Nokia convention in NYC, and one of the reps told me the 920 sported an S4 processor, really hope its Krait!!

  • AnonD-70145

waski, 07 Sep 2012I'm one of the biggest fans of Nokia. and every time I expect to... moredual core krait has outperformed quadcores in several tests.
secondly wp8 is not resource hungry like android, so it doesnt need a 2gb ram.
thirdly 8mp photos are enough when the photos are awesome.
Dont just run for the numbers man. see the performance

  • waski

and just to add, if the specs I mentioned in a previous message, and do not affect our phone, they definitely affect the brain of potential customers! and I can not believe that people from Nokia do not know yet, because it is they that one step kojifali to return to where they were.

  • ~Black_Heart..

AnonD-13569, 07 Sep 2012some lumia fanboy,, plz answer 1st nd 4th are most imp question... morewhy do u comparing pure motion with Amoled? pure motion can perform better while u scrolling screen or while u playing racing games (no blur),

second u asked about battery. well putting a big battery on a phone does not mean that phone drinking ur battery faster, i used nokia 5310 who have 860 mah battery also i used sony xperia Ray which have 1500 mah battery but both have same talktime of 6 hours!!

third about weight yes galaxy s-3 is less in weight(i never used this phone but its may be bcoz of its cheap plastic body)
and last if u looking for best phone then dont buy any, coz if u buy a galaxy S-3, samsung will put galaxy S-4 in market next year :P

  • waski

I'm one of the biggest fans of Nokia. and every time I expect to become the best, and the best thing to have, but not everything should be, and I know I can. LUMIA 920 in order to be the best, ahead of Samsung 3 and iPhone 5, missing three things, namely: first quad-core, 12 Mega Pixel second and third 2gb ram. perhaps this specification and does not bring any improvement, but the law of the market, they must exist.

  • AnonD-70145

AnonD-13569, 07 Sep 2012some lumia fanboy,, plz answer 1st nd 4th are most imp question... moreI will answer to all your questions:

Ans 1:­mia-920-puremotion-hd-display-tech-is-all-about/­­

Ans 2: you shoud use a nokia wp8 phone or in fact any nokia phone to see how energy efficient they are. I have a nokia 610 nfc and a samsung sgs3. my nokia easily sees the third day while have to charge my sgs3 twice everyday even on normal usage.

Ans 3: Nokia is not made of cheap plasticky stuff that sg phones are made of. this has a polycarbonate unibody with a ceramic backing. its highly durable and resistant to get scratches. thats why its heavy . only people commenting here (the samsung fandroids) have been whining about the weight of the phone. no one has complained about it in the first hand look of the phone in the videos taken in yesterday's event. instead they said it feels incredibly comfortable to hold the phone due to curved back of the phone

Ans 4: There would be better lumia's coming for sure. not only with better specs, but new innovation. watch out! This is Nokia!

  • carter

Jossy, u r 100% correct.

  • blabla

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2012what about nokia rich recording and dolby digal/headphone!?it has dolby

  • Anonymous

Guys, Nokia is saving the real 'Pureview' Phone for MWC next year, so dont worry too much :p

  • jossy

most of the people commenting here always comment on the radio, seriously does the iphone have radio? but to you its a great phone, i'm to supporting the fact that radio should not be added to phones, but seriously you cant use radio not being present to judge the functionality of a phone, u just can't, seriously a phone can't have everything. If nokia designs a lumia with 50mp pureview camera, 128gb storage space with no memory card slot people will still complain, what most people do with phones is just call, browse the social media 'twitter, facebook, and the rest of them, you complain about the fact that the windows phone 8 OS lacks apps but seriously can u use all 100,000 apps on your phone, i just had the thought, seriously what does the iphone have? i did some comparisons and seriously the nokia lumia 920 trounces the iphone in all most every aspect, the camera, the processor, the CPU, the speaker, how many phone has wireless charging? the nokia lumia 920 is the first ever phone, gaming is coming to this phone. everything is in this phone don't just judge a phone because it has no radio or sd slot and please just note the announcement was just solely on the hardware and not the software in this device, with time you will see that this device is one of the best to ever be announced this year if not the best.

  • AnonD-53410

AnonD-13569, 07 Sep 2012some lumia fanboy,, plz answer 1st nd 4th are most imp question... more1 n 4 ans yes

  • AnonD-13569

Lumdroid, 07 Sep 2012When will Nokia realize that they need to release a Nexus Lumia ... morewhat is nexus lumia?? never heard f it????

  • AnonD-13569

wael saudi arabia, 07 Sep 2012blackberry 10 is the best than others ok i like blackberry dont act like a loser.. blackberry is out of picture for like 4-5 more months.. bb10 devices coming in jan are whole touch.. bb has got best devices when it comes to ones with physical keyboard.. without dat,, bb dont sell much

  • AnonD-13569

makedonce, 07 Sep 2012Who say that they not improve camera's. There u have Nokia 808 w... moredude u cannot count 808 in d smartfone race.. symbian is no contender.. though,, a 12 mp fr 920 would hav been 1 key selling point..

  • AnonD-13569

some lumia fanboy,, plz answer
1st nd 4th are most imp questions fr me..

1. is the so called PureMotion HD+ display screen better than the super amoled screen on s3.??
2. i saw that all wp8 phones have big batteries. do they consume battery more than(faster than) an android of same class.
3. wat do u have to say about the extra weight of dis fone??
4. will it remain the best lumia for around an year or is there a possibilty that nokia launches a better lumia?? actually i like to buy the best fone a particular brand provides..

  • Anonymous

Nokia lumia 920 has radio. All windows phone has a radio

  • deceptor

Rauf, 07 Sep 2012Please use nokia 101 for radio yawn

  • Niknok

Very nice phone but only bluetooth 3? Why Nokia, why?