Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

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  • Anonymous

OMG!!!Dual core from Nokia.That's something new.Maybe Nokia will introduce quad core when all the other brands will have 16 core flagships.Slowpoke Nokia is slow.Elop should have resigned long time ago.

  • iSJ5

no card slot its perfect! but need larger flash memory!

  • iSJ5

Omar, 01 Sep 2012Android is in danger . Finally nokia will release a phone ... morethe nokias first dual core!

Recent Nokia phones looks very cool. I wonder how good will be the WP8 OS. It will compete with Android Jelly Bean? And I am curious how does the Main Menu looks. I hope it's not the same as on WP7, because that list is so simple and I don't like it.
I hope Nokia will have a huge success with their Lumia phones.

  • iSJ5

i hope its water proof!

  • Omar

Android is in danger .
Finally nokia will release a phone with dual core and it is wp8
I hope it goes well as they like .