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Nokia Lumia 930

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  • Hekcan brit
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  • 22 Nov 2022

Aadrian, 06 Nov 2022The official stock weather app isn't working anymore. ... moreSorry , Aadrian I saw your question about applications on your phone (Nokia lumia 930) . Check if you have a version of the Windows 10 mobile operating system installed . If you have Windows 8 or 8.1 mobile you should know that the application store does not work . It only works on Windows 10 mobile . If you dont know how to check the version of the operating system - reply to my post . Have a nice day from me and all the best

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    • Aadrian
    • 3YT
    • 06 Nov 2022

    The official stock weather app isn't working anymore. Has the support for the app stopped or is it a bug? More people have this problem?

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      • riosisi
      • pAH
      • 27 Aug 2022

      I owned this phone and I can say about it that:

      +it had beutifull amoled display
      +fantastic stereo saund,
      +camera was the best I ever had, and I think that it can never be beaten in this price point, thats just not possible, it had even a raw mode.
      +it had slick design and quality feeling.

      what I didnt liked about it was the operating system
      it was ok to use, but appwise not usable, sometimes it froze and restarted itself.
      If you took more pictured it got overheated really guickly and then it forze.
      To the end they even disabled the operating system. It was really pitty because this phone didnt deserved this.
      Battery was really poor, dindn't lasted more then one day. and the selfie camera vas also poor.

      Rest in peace good old phone.

        jet, 22 Jul 2022It is the most durable forward thinking developed phone. v... moreYou're such a liar there's no way this fone is faster than todays Samsung n apple

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          • jet
          • jBL
          • 22 Jul 2022

          It is the most durable forward thinking developed phone. very intuitive to use camera 20 mp takes super detail true color photos. I wish these phones would continue on in the future. It is also faster than iphones and samsung. Microsoft program apps all in one device from outlook to every app microsoft has give us to get our work done. fantastic thank you for sharing the specs. it is practically indestructible too.

            AYAZ, 05 Jul 2022kindly share contect norip engrish

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              • AYAZ
              • 6Qe
              • 05 Jul 2022

              juanme555, 02 Jun 2022This was the most beautiful phone and most beautiful O.S ev... morekindly share contect no

                This was the most beautiful phone and most beautiful O.S ever, Windows Phone 8.1 Denim on OLED panel was pure magic, the serious and orderly fonts, the white letters on black backgrounds....felt....floaty.

                Perfectly optimized, never lagged, rarely ever crashed, apps had proper metro aesthetic, adding up uniformity to a beautiful UI.

                Android and iOS feel so, Windows Phone was a novel, Android and iOS are mcu movies.

                They day i no longer need whatsapp you bet i'll be buying 2 of these, one orange and one black, to slap the black battery cover on the orange and have a black Lumia 930 with silver edges.

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                  • Sin
                  • 0Rw
                  • 13 Apr 2022

                  It's sad to see Nokia Lumia smartphone dies like this Microsoft should allow people to put Android on them to give them a new life

                  Everything Microsoft touch turns too rubbish

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                    • Anonymous
                    • tA$
                    • 04 Mar 2022

                    An Indian, 23 Jun 2020Does telegram work as of now after end of support for Faceb... moreTelegram still supporting win 10m according to some information

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                      • Anonymous
                      • tA$
                      • 04 Mar 2022

                      Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020I don't know ow what is wrong with my Nokia Lumia 930 ... moreWhatsapp had terminated it for long time ago, take time to read some news or info about it bro

                      Old Edge Browser are not supported by many website again, old edge browser not based on chromium engine so the browser now obsolete, there are alternative but just search through google which app still run on win 10 mobile

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                        • Anonymous
                        • tA$
                        • 03 Mar 2022

                        Sin, 04 Dec 2021Is there a way to get android apps working on this phone or... moreBIG NO, windows phone like windows laptop, NOT OPEN SOURCE, you won't ever know the kernel and software coding

                        Android apps? NO, windows phone same like windows computer using C++ language, android is different, NOT Compatible with each other

                        Years Ago, there is project conversion APK to C++ app, but Unstable becauss different language so not run well, and now? Project absolutely a waste because now android has changed a lot diffefent from 2014

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                          • Anonymous
                          • tA$
                          • 03 Mar 2022

                          adker, 17 Jan 2022u could run some android apps with an astoria build of wind... moreIt was too old young man, android and windows never compatible, android and windows has different programming language

                          The android apps you said need to be converted first to make it compatible with windows language C++ and even that not much app can be converted, just waste a time

                          Why i said you too old to talk this? This phone is using Snapdragon 800 which means between Android JB KK and LP, even not much app from that 3 android generation can be converted and ran on this mobile, and now android has changed a lot so that project absolutely disbanded

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                            • RGN
                            • Pxs
                            • 15 Feb 2022

                            Tushar Tarkar, 19 Jul 2021Hi everyone, I had purchased this ph... moreReading your review made me want to have Lumia 930 again. I sold 930 for the 950 XL and even tho I love my 950XL, I missed the 930. The reason I sold 930 only because the lack of SD Card slot, and somehow, I want on-screen Windows Navigation bar/buttons lol.

                            But Live Calendar & Live Photo might be available in Android as a widget tho. If I'm not wrong, Google Photos and Calendar provide widget that are similar to Live tiles in W10M but yeah different OS means different experience.

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                              • Sin
                              • N5a
                              • 29 Jan 2022

                              NeonHD, 16 Jan 2022Still one of the best looking phones ever. Something about ... morei agree smartphones of today i wish looked like this smartphone too the design is dead on just the os mainly lack of app store support let this smartphone down and the selling price too high for me to buy one

                              myself i want a nokia Lumia with good performance but need software fix for apps of some kind if i am to buy one

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                                • 7x3
                                • 28 Jan 2022

                                VQ, 10 Jan 2022just a second ago, I updating my lumia 930 to windows 10Windows 10 mobile is ugly! Yeah, more apps works on it but I wouldn’t update to it.

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                                  • adker
                                  • at3
                                  • 17 Jan 2022

                                  u could run some android apps with an astoria build of windows phone
                                  there are some youtube videos to do that

                                    Still one of the best looking phones ever. Something about those sharply-defined aluminum sides is such an eye-pleaser. The overall square design is very satisfying. I wish phones of today could take inspiration from these designs.

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                                      • VQ
                                      • sEx
                                      • 10 Jan 2022

                                      hunk0429, 07 Aug 2021How did you update it to windows 10? Did you seen any issue... morejust a second ago, I updating my lumia 930 to windows 10

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                                        • Sin
                                        • pYP
                                        • 04 Dec 2021

                                        Is there a way to get android apps working on this phone or custom android ROM ?