Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930

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  • Fallen138

DJV, 02 Jan 2015Hi, I have been a hardcore Android / Samsung user since 4 yrs... moreI would suggest you to use a windows phone device before buy Lumia 930, because you will love or hate the OS. Personally I switched to Windows Phone from Android before 4 years when wp7 had many lacks and the store was poor but I loved the OS, it was more smooth and stable and organized than Android. I also loved the tiles concept. Nowadays Windows phone 8.1 have many features and Lumia 930 one of the best devices with wp8.1 .

  • Vow

Why does the phone become hot when browsing or playing game with it. I even thought that the secondary camera is 15mp without knowing that it's even lesser

  • Vow

I thought that the secondary camera is 15mp not knowing that it's less. And the phone becomes hot sometimes when browsing or playing games with it, why?.

  • Anonymous

It becomes hot sometimes when browsing or playing games

  • DJV


I have been a hardcore Android / Samsung user since 4 yrs now. My previous phones were galaxy y - 6 months, galaxy ace 7 months, galaxy s2 - till date.

I am looking for a change now and the confusion is between the 2 devices 1) SAMSUNG NOTE 3 2) LUMIA 930.

I am kind of bored using the same OS for years now and looking for a change, but my peers keep on telling me that I would not be able to move from Android to Windows OS as it is a frustrating experience. For eg, the GMAIL APP in Windows is useless and it cant attach documents/photos etc.

I really want to switch for those samsung devices and try something new but I expect atleast the basics from Windows OS. Please help me out on these confusions guys. Happy new year to you all.

  • shaaa

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2015i cant download games thers always an error..can anybody help me plssSet ur network provider setting on ur lumia 930

  • AnonD-4504

M.M.S.A, 01 Jan 2015Lumia1520 or Lumia930?only the screen size differs, hw, ect is the same.

  • AnonD-4504

It can be quite hot when playing games, such as family guy about 20min playing. and drains 15-20% as well. so when cpu works the 2.2GHz generate heat :)

  • AnonD-340886

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2015i cant download games thers always an error..can anybody help me plssCheck ur Microsoft account.. It may b ur problem in downloading games.... Account need to sync correctly with the store...

  • Skorn X

Planning to buy this. Does it get overheated when browsing 3g and playing games like it does in Lumia 920?

How do you rate it compared to lumia 920? Battery life and performance etc?

Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

i cant download games thers always an error..can anybody help me plss

  • M.M.S.A

Lumia1520 or Lumia930?

  • Roc

Can we get shareit app in windows phone and it il work properly?

  • unknown

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2014indian version is not 4g.....set 4g in settings ;)

I recommend this phone to everyone, use it and you'll love it.

  • Anonymous

indian version is not 4g.....

  • AnonD-285765

AnonD-343566, 20 Dec 2014With a great hope on Windows mobile I bought this mobile over iP... moreanyone can have problems with any phone, you are sounding like a restarted troll, you just had a bad expierence buster,

  • AnonD-285765

Nandun, 21 Dec 2014Can anyone tell me the best setting for Lumia camera. I'm not a ... morejust keep it at 5 megapixels that is the best, you don't need DNG unless you are going to put them on the computer and use photo shop, or are going to use DNG for weddings!

  • AnonD-285765

malc, 27 Dec 2014I also own a 930 and an S5,I come to totally the opposite conclu... moreat the moment yes, wait for windows 10!

  • AnonD-285765

roy, 25 Dec 2014if someone tell how to upgarde my old lumia device to nokia lumi... moreI sold my lumia 1020 for the lumia 930, to tell you the truth there are a lot more benefits to the lumia 930, the camera has brand new algorithms than lumia 1020, at first you do need to get use to the 930 camera cause it is not as a bigger sensor than 1020, but there are other things to look forward to like better sound, better screen faster processor, put it this way, 930 flogs 1020 in performance, just the camera is a little downgrade, but lumia denim changes things in the camera department! this is a user experience!!!