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All lumia phones are still usable.its supports windows 10 desktop OS. From woa.

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    • aikoN
    • pk7
    • 30 Mar 2022

    VoLTE, 27 Feb 2022Can this phone call is 2022 or you can no longer use it as ... moreim still using 535 model more for music but viber still works , phone works ,even microsoft edge browser works

      Does anyone know if Lumia Icon actually supports VoLTE?

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        • VoLTE
        • 7x3
        • 27 Feb 2022

        Can this phone call is 2022 or you can no longer use it as a phone?

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          • Johnhile One-O-Juan
          • I@a
          • 02 Nov 2021

          Still dreaming of this phone because of its Zeiss Optics and OIS back Camera

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            • anon
            • QL{
            • 13 Mar 2020

            its a shame they wasted resources and high end specs on a windows phone. poor nokia

              stg43x, 20 Jul 2016Now it is upgradable to Windows phone 10! Just updated this... moresome of us bought for the Zeiss on the backside not the selfie capability :P aloha

                AnonD-722762, 15 Dec 2017I think it's kind of funny...this nearly 4 year old phone h... moreTruth!

                  We are still using my Lumia Icon 929 in November of 2019- we are having a really hard time walking away from this phone! Dammit Windows I can't let you go!
                  This Windows Phone is still awesome even though I missed out on the windows 10 upgrade, my phone is running completely unsupported win 8.1 and still powers thru the web experience ,however we have been left in the dust by social media (which is actually a good thing in a way because I am not on my phone all the time like most other folks) I bought this phone for multitasking and it does that well- battery life is at it end of its cycle where I have to keep it on the charger, yet, it still makes good phone calls txt and still takes a great image!(if you know what you are doing behind a camera in the first place) The Camera pkg was the best image of the lot before they disabled some of its features- The Camera was so good I stopped using my DSLR for almost a year and used my Icon exclusively for photo journalism (which FB did not like after awhile for some odd reason wink wink) social justice warrior stuff - The images were so good that people could not tell if I was posting photos from my phone or DSLR so FB went and put a tag on the pics in little gray letters 'taken from windows phone' as well as blurring my images with their algorithms claiming the pics were too big as FB cut bandwidth sharing image quality size on most platforms and rewarded apple users for IOS images unscathed........ popularity contest bleeding into targeting windows phone users to where FB started unsupporting the phone in 2017 and kicked the Lumia Icon running 8.1 off of their platform in 2018... if I had only took the windows 10 upgrade! (I was busy traveling 2017 and no ones public Wi-Fi network would allow the upgrade to take place)
                  The Phone was/is the ultimate phone, no adds no bloatware, completely customizable within the measly 29GB of onboard memory and small battery crippling a almost flawless platform where if one wanted a desktop PC experience you could have one! NOKIA and WINDOWS Dammit!
                  I really Love this phone and I am going to miss it- It was a great phone full of promise which made the competition angry!
                  In 2015 This model was unsupported by the Verizon store in town- I asked to see the phone and they didn't even know what it was, they pretended to not know about the phone because of whatever reason they wanted people to buy Android devices and not the windows phones..... here I am looking at phones to buy in November of 2019 and am sorely disappointed at whats going on under the hood (by the lack of processor speed onboard Ram and Camera Capabilities) what to do? I have really gotten my moneys worth from this handset! However-
                  I do not want to pay 1000$ for what is already in my hands!

                    Is it really exclusive to Verizon?

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                      • Reflej0
                      • 8xT
                      • 03 Sep 2018

                      In 2018 it is a good cell phone, I highlight the camera mainly when shooting videos (4K), the quality of the photos is also good but requires a good approach by the user.
                      While it is fluid when it comes to using the internet, whatsapp or native applications, in 2018 it is no longer supported by most applications and works hard in many other applications.
                      In short, it is a powerful cell phone but being in its last stages of life cycle.

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                        • Lai
                        • YQx
                        • 18 Jun 2018

                        People are gonna call me crazy but this is the phone I will get as soon as I get my first paycheck.

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                          • AnonD-730925
                          • fq8
                          • 26 Mar 2018

                          i have admired this 4ne and never used it iz anyone selling second hand ov it?

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                            • Lumia_Icon
                            • IJA
                            • 19 Mar 2018

                            I've been using Windows Phone since February 2011, started with the Samsung Focus, moved right to Nokia once they got involved. Got the Lumia 900, then the 920, 925, and then went to VZW for the Icon. I have been using the Icon since July 2014, and have never looked back. I just bought a brand new in sealed box Icon and I am updating it to Windows 10 Mobile as I type this. You simply cannot beat this phone. I have official Facebook and Instagram and Messenger, Twitter, and everything that I need. If there isn't an app, open it in Microsoft Edge and pin it to start and its an instant app. This phone had features 4 years ago that most iPhone users are just now getting used to having. Wireless charging, USB OTG, full Microsoft Office, ties right into works VPN seamlessly. If I do anything on my Icon. right away as fast as the cloud works, its on my personal or work computer. If I do it on a computer, right away it goes to my Icon. Seamless. If I install an app on my phone, its on my Xbox the next time I sign in. My phones notifications go right to my computer as well. The phone is durable and damn near indestructible. Mine has gone flying out of cars, flat on its back onto concrete floors, flopped into water and comes back asking for more. It took me damn near 4 years to have the screen crack. Camera is still as good or better than most phones out there now, and the sensor is still larger at 20mp than anything. 4K video, 4K photos. I use mine as a hotspot very often, and this thing can handle multiple devices connected to it for Wi-Fi, as well as run Bluetooth speakers and my Microsoft Band all at the same time, and the phone is still useable and fast and never skips a beat, and hardly ever has. Battery doesn't last like it used to, but I'm guessing the new one will return that back to normal. Wouldn't be a surprise to get 2 day battery life out of it in its hey day. I have searched for another phone, but everytime I look, there is simply nothing that can come close to the clean simple design. No on screen navigation buttons here, I prefer capacitive, and appreciate the dedicated camera button. iOS is not for me, way too plain and boring, and Android is a big sloppy, ad-ridden mess. Ads? What ads. No YouTube ads on my Windows phone, and I can run YouTube for music under my lockscreen and have been able to for the entire 4 years. Hands down the best phone I have ever had, and probably the best phone that Nokia ever made. Dependable, durable, dedicated, and it gives you bang for your buck like nothing else. Still receiving updates even 4+ years out from the devices announcement. I love this phone. I would still recommend it to anyone, and they can be had for $100-$200 brand new, yes, they are still out there. 5/5*

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                              • AnonD-722762
                              • kJh
                              • 15 Dec 2017

                              Reflejo, 24 Sep 2017Even in 2017 this phone is high end. It was the best farewe... moreI think it's kind of funny...this nearly 4 year old phone has specs that are almost as high-end as the brand-new iPhone X ($1,000 retail). It's strange and sad that the iPhone users of the world keep paying Apple for outdated hardware and an odd/restrictive operating system...

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                                • Sujoy
                                • ute
                                • 01 Oct 2017

                                Komplexus, 07 Jul 2017This is the best phone ever made as far as I have seen. I u... moreHi,
                                Can you please inform from where I can get this phone for $100 ?
                                Shall be thankful for the info.

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                                  • Reflejo
                                  • LL0
                                  • 24 Sep 2017

                                  Even in 2017 this phone is high end. It was the best farewell of Nokia in its high range.

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                                    • krustysurfer
                                    • rMj
                                    • 22 Sep 2017

                                    Komplexus, 07 Jul 2017This is the best phone ever made as far as I have seen. I u... moreYep good phone wish it was supported better

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                                      • Komplexus
                                      • 4MU
                                      • 07 Jul 2017

                                      This is the best phone ever made as far as I have seen. I use my 3.5-year-old Icon as a daily driver to this day. I have tried to find a phone to upgrade to, but I can't find anything that beats this thing. You can buy this thing for $100.

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                                        • AnonD-657252
                                        • 8%e
                                        • 30 Mar 2017

                                        I've had two Icons and I have sold them both times because poor software stock from Microsoft and several problems with WhatsApp...
                                        And also... both times, I missed it so much!! Its really a beautiful device, rock-solid and nice screen, the only problem its Windows.
                                        But recently, Microsoft has delivered some corrections that will give it new life again.
                                        Thus, I am shopping another One, one more time.. I must be crazy.
                                        Fortunately, Nokia its here again with the new Android devices.