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  • gaz

fanboy, 14 Feb 2014No Office?every single wp8 device come with office mobile and one note preinstalled. you have to download a pdf reader though

  • Anonymous

What is trying to prove without a card slot?

  • Adomas

Thick and small battery. I'll pass

  • AnonD-79632

If only windows phones were worth buying. The main screen looks like a mess, then u swipe right and a list with all apps and settings appears, I dont understand how people buy this. Nokia will never get my money unless they switch to android or create there own software.

  • fanboy

No Office?

  • Anonymous

a Nokia without a number that's something new

  • AnonD-233421

AnonD-211946, 14 Feb 2014flash web browser?yes with 8.1

  • jaiho

must 1 window 8 or 1 android kitkit 4.4.2
this is nice lonching bye nokia

  • kutty

what a phone man

  • AnonD-211946

flash web browser?

  • AnonD-233421

great phone ...

  • shuham soni

kenan, 13 Feb 2014bothHd saported.

  • tomakali

may be it should be a standard to have 4000mAH+ battery for all quadcore smartphones.

  • AnonD-168372

2420 Mah??? That's cute.

  • Plabon

I think Nokia Doing well in WP. This mobile should be amazing if it comes with best price issue. I love it in first look. please nokia keep the price low as possible.

  • AdamBoy64

AnonD-164761, 13 Feb 2014I think this device is great about the specs but nokia should an... moreWhat would you change about it?

  • A aye

AnonD-89514, 13 Feb 2014lol... ONLY 2gb of RAM?... Since when is 2gb of RAM in a Windows... moreDo not be stupid. WinPhone is designed for not too much RAM needed. 2 gz is more than enough with this very beautiful phone.

  • kenan

dhanu, 13 Feb 2014Is this phone GSM or CDMA ??both

  • AnonD-164761

I think this device is great about the specs but nokia should and microsoft should start considering making some big changes on windows phone graphical user interface.

Well 4k is useless for at least one year dude. until the 4k devices are in the budget of everyone. Until then 1080p@60 fps should be considered. And who said 2 GB ram for a WP insufficient, Well FYI 2GB for WP = 4GB for Android.