Nokia N70 camera review: Quality without a label

Marek Lutonsk√Ĺ, 20 October 2005.

Sample photos

Nokia N70 takes the best pictures outside, in good light conditions; in other words, in ideal conditions. When I took the first picture below I was holding Nokia N70 with one hand, the way a mobile phone is usually held. In the second picture, the hold was horizontal, the typical standard camera one. It is a pity that in the latter case pictures are taken vertically. The opposite way could have been far more convenient.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 

As far as the white balance option is concerned, you'd better not rely on automatic settings too much. The following two test-pictures show the difference between auto- and sunny mode.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70

The exposure compensation option is missing. In some scenes the darker areas are much too light, with the sky being obviously overexposed, and there is no way to fix the problem.

Nokia N70

The lens doesn't exhibit any chromatic aberration. Dark lines along the contours of each object are nothing that should be praised, but they are surely better than the blue ghost effect.

Nokia N70

I have tested the Portrait mode. As you can see, exposure compensation would have come in handy here too.

Nokia N70

The macro pictures taken with Nokia N70 are terrible.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70

Even though Nokia N70 macro pictures are really bad, the ones it takes from a greater distance are pretty good.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70

Using the digital zoom makes sense, if you need to view the photos on the phone's display only.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70
Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70

Open scenes seem to be the most appropriate for Nokia's new photo mobile.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70

Nokia does not ask and sets higher ISO sensitivity level when pictures are taken in a darker place. This results in high noise levels.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70

The one and the same scene was taken in all four pictures below. The first picture was made in a standard mode. The second one a flash was added. The third picture was taken in a night mode, whilst in the fourth one the night mode was added a flash.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70

In the end, let me offer you a few more sample pictures.

Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70
Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70 Nokia N70   
Nokia N70 

With the help of Maciek Wilkos.

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  • AnonD-664557
  • 25 Apr 2017
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N70 phone do

  • Mahe
  • 12 Apr 2012
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Its cemera very much clearity.I can like this phone

  • Dennis
  • 13 Sep 2010
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Nokia N80 and N70 don't fall under the same budget. Each phone is maximized for its price tag.