Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • Smartphone geek

Rockfeather, 29 Jul 2021Mine is still working even after 15 years :)Mine also

  • Rockfeather

Mine is still working even after 15 years :)

  • UKFK

etc i love ths phone

  • Manju


N70 was my dream device, when I was in school.

bought this phone, years after it was launch...
it was used, and still usable until now...
i cannot buy it as a brand new since i can only spend from my allowance back then...
as for this phone, currently a back up of a back up of a back up phone... it is still a useful phone - call, text, internet (not advisable as it is very slow), still good as music player (on built in speaker and bluetooth, the headset that came with it already has broken pins)...
battery is replaceable, and the last battery i bought, though not original, is already years in usage...
display is already deteriorated...
it is good for socmed detox...

  • Culture

I've used Nokia N70 from 2005 I've had a wonderful experience with it. I regard it as one of the strongest smart phone ever, I remember years back while I was still using the phone a huge truck step on it but didn't damage it that much I was very impressed that day

  • Mc mc

Hahaha i remember this phone i bought it in the amount of 16K pesos that was around DECEMBER 2006 ... So many memories about this phone few people can buy this at that time...

  • Gayan-sri lanka

tajamal, 08 Apr 2019i am also facing same problem .if you have find any solutio... morethis guy asks a question from a 2007 comment in 2019. After 12 years. pity.

  • Kamellion77

I still own this gorgeous phone to this day. Sure it's worn out now: the camera doesn't work properly, the sofware is an utter nightmare...and more issues. But honestly, this is a dear phone to me; I got all my good old souvenirs and past experiences. It's a unique phone because I had such fun using it: the Symbian os was and still my favorite os ever: the myriad theming, the insane customizations, the n-gage mods are bonkers (Ashen, Asphalt 4, the One, 3d Fifa...and many more gorgeous N-gage games). It's been such a pleasure. Although I own a very modern phone now, the OnePlus 7 Pro, but I always go back to my N70 and play those awsome games..

It's an one of the great Nokia phone ever. My brother brought it on the mid of 2009 and still use it untill he lost those on the mid of 2012.

  • Shawez khan

Very good phone my first smart phone

  • Ex N70 user

Nice phone, good design back in last 2 decades, good camera eventhough put into 2020 it is just a very basic camera.
Tough and never breakdown, the reason i change it is just becoz keypad failure, no lag issue at all

I am still using it, I have one 1gb memory.card also

  • Mohamed Yasar Ararat

This was luckiest phone ever

  • Anonymous

one of the best cell phone,i will never forget it

  • Louise

Best phone I used during my old days

  • Goran vojinovic

n serias nokia,best phones ever made !!

  • Surakutty

This mobile have notification led?

  • Uhdando

N70 doesn't support facebook why?