Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • Goran vojinovic
  • pW4
  • 13 Sep 2019

n serias nokia,best phones ever made !!

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    • Surakutty
    • D0i
    • 15 Aug 2019

    This mobile have notification led?

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      • Uhdando
      • r3a
      • 25 Jun 2019

      N70 doesn't support facebook why?

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        • rider arzo
        • 9FG
        • 07 Jun 2019

        this mobile is very good.its a little tricky but there's also help option for everything.i download any app or games-such as 2d or specially 3D.also google map.satisfy to use net.i can download any 3gp related video and song can standby app,if you cut work suddenly where your'e working you can find exactly the thing where you're working.multiple download,auto brightness,memory poor,sometime hangs and specially camera is awsome,very good focusing,gesture mode on screen,no glare under sun.and finally maybe it's heavy but it support this phone.

          • t
          • tajamal
          • XMu
          • 08 Apr 2019

          pourya, 19 Dec 2007Hello. Ican't send any sms when my simcard is on N70. what ... morei am also facing same problem .if you have find any solution plz tel me.

            I love this phone

              I've been looking for this phone for about 6 years now. I think I found it. :)

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                • Hey Silly
                • XM{
                • 05 Nov 2018

                Anonymous, 12 Jun 2018Sorry, I don`t see it to be a Nokia original any more, it`s... moreIt is an original phone

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • LaE
                  • 12 Jun 2018

                  Thanos, 02 May 2018Don't worry, Nokia is planning to revive their N-Series. it... moreSorry, I don`t see it to be a Nokia original any more, it`s only another Chinese piece of shit firm duplicating old Nokia phones or using its name for commercials! Did you find any old Nokia official sites for symbian still working?! Can you update maps, install FP2, applications, Ovi/Nokia suite etc etc or not to have problems with browser https:// sites?! All of old Nokia was bought and is owned - until now by Microsoft - who preferred to kill all related to old Nokia phones! Hopefully there are and now enthusiasts who still use this decent mobile OS!

                    • M
                    • Memon shafique
                    • uZa
                    • 09 Jun 2018

                    Chitro, 24 Sep 2016I am using this cell phone since 2008, still it is working ... moreIt's very interested ,I like it .
                    I used this phone for two years.
                    Now I want to buy it from market or online.
                    Really it's a nice phone.
                    I suggest to use this for pleasure.

                      • T
                      • Thanos
                      • v3L
                      • 02 May 2018

                      AnonD-598074, 15 Oct 2016I feels tired with the design of mobile phones today, miss ... moreDon't worry, Nokia is planning to revive their N-Series. it will be available within the 2nd quarter of this year.

                        • s
                        • sajith
                        • tet
                        • 10 Mar 2018

                        my 01st phone is N70 it's good no 01 phone i love very much Nokia N70

                          • D
                          • AnonD-734734
                          • Sqp
                          • 02 Feb 2018

                          My next phone after the Nokia 6630!

                          This was the first of the 'N' series Nokia phones - loved the front facing camera, video calls were now possible without the add on accessory of the 6630!!!

                          Awesome phone and still have mine at home today (non functioning though as it needs a new battery!!).

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • f}n
                            • 28 Nov 2017

                            That was my dream phone back in 2006...

                              • D
                              • AnonD-693509
                              • fpT
                              • 20 Aug 2017

                              I still have it since 2008, I've had many smartphones but I sill like it...

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                                • londhe
                                • 7k7
                                • 20 Jul 2017

                                miss my Nokia n70

                                  • j
                                  • jack
                                  • f0Q
                                  • 22 Jun 2017

                                  One of my best m/phone ever, but was stolen.

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                                    • 639276417990
                                    • P@Y
                                    • 02 Jun 2017

                                    I will miss that phone

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                                      • Ali,Tehran
                                      • a31
                                      • 27 Mar 2017

                                      Nowadays phone designs R goin 2 B all the same,I have an N70 & I'm usin it already beside my smart phone,it does the job well

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-653737
                                        • tDx
                                        • 18 Mar 2017

                                        my lovely phone, the best phone at the era....!!!