Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • sajith

my 01st phone is N70 it's good no 01 phone i love very much Nokia N70

  • AnonD-734734

My next phone after the Nokia 6630!

This was the first of the 'N' series Nokia phones - loved the front facing camera, video calls were now possible without the add on accessory of the 6630!!!

Awesome phone and still have mine at home today (non functioning though as it needs a new battery!!).

  • Anonymous

That was my dream phone back in 2006...

  • AnonD-693509

I still have it since 2008, I've had many smartphones but I sill like it...

  • londhe

miss my Nokia n70

  • jack

One of my best m/phone ever, but was stolen.

  • 639276417990

I will miss that phone

  • Ali,Tehran

Nowadays phone designs R goin 2 B all the same,I have an N70 & I'm usin it already beside my smart phone,it does the job well

  • AnonD-653737

my lovely phone, the best phone at the era....!!!

  • Zillu

I reallly misss u..It was ma bro's gift in 2007
Really great..misssing nokiaa

  • Anonymous

watch from online

  • nasser irani

AnonD-590165, 27 Sep 2016a have this phone, i buy this phone on september 2016 yesterday.... moreis my love phone. I have too

  • AnonD-598074

I feels tired with the design of mobile phones today, miss the old mobile phone design, one of the best mobile phone which I still use to this day along with the Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 mini. if Nokia can improve and use android, very ironic manufacturer of nokia current sink with a new manufacturer of bamboo curtain. Love My Nokia N70 Music Edition

  • AnonD-590165

a have this phone, i buy this phone on september 2016 yesterday. very good phone.

  • AnonD-296628

i got this on 2006,my first 3g phone.
camera is not working,rest is fine.
selfie camera at that time was not much popular.
but anyways i had great selfies with n70.


  • Chitro

I am using this cell phone since 2008, still it is working very smoothly.

  • Anonymous

For me, it is the best phone I ever had! My very user's-friendly phone which I considered as laptop for its computer-like features. :-)
I've learned many things from this phone such as removing virus manually, changing font styles, creating folder inside a folder, renaming icon and many more!!!
I love you Nokia N70! I missed those days. :-)

  • Charles IX

I have one Nokia N70, best phone symbian, i love it for gaming :D

  • Anonymous

I want to have this phone.

  • AnonD-555711

One of my favorite Nokia N Series phone. I still have this one. I'm using it as my back-up phone. I also like the music edition of the said phone.