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Nokia N70

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  • weru

nice phone.i enjoy its every me on meaning of phrase'unable to download'on downloading installable softwares like opera mini

  • Anonymous

Can N70 be install with wlan finder application install on the phone and works?
The E serion comes with the wlan finder?
So can N70be install with it?

  • Tanvir

i'm using it 4 2 years.its a preety good set. can any1 tell me how 2 make hidden folders in the set?

  • RH

Very nice cell phone it since 1 year...never needed to fix any about it.
Connect it to your laptop via bluetooth and you'll enjoy many nice and good themes and ringtones.

  • Rahil Khan

hi everyone i have a question about N70 ME can i use themes and softwares of Nokia 6600, and 6670 on N70 bcoz when i try to do that my cell phone starts hanging and i have to restart it again and again

  • Altie


That little square box is the light sensor. The phone turns off the keypad lighting when there is a lot of light.

  • aljayeo

How to upgrade your N70 Standard Edition to N70 Music Edition?

Follow the steps on this link and don't forget to post your opinions here:­=46653

  • LJ

Hi guys did u no you can download games & software from the internet and sent it to phone via data cable.

  • Ziq

hi to all n70 users. I am curious about this so i turn to u guys for help. Notice the top left hand corner (front), there is 1 square tiny box. what is the purpose of that ? pls help me answer this question. many thanks ! cheers !~

  • Nasir Ge

Can anybody tell me the technical diff. between N70 and N70 me except memory. is any diff. of Ram Rom and processor speed? emergancy

  • Anonymous

nokia n70 me has a larger 1gb of internal memory

  • rachit

to meero
well there r some diff. bw N70 nd N70 ME. N70 has 128 mb memory by defalt nd N70 ME has 1 gb memory.headphones r also different, being better in N70ME.I SUPPOSE U SHOULD GO FOR N70ME.

  • Anonymous

i had my n70 for 3 months, it very g0od unit than n70ME! may cousin hav a n70ME its nice bcoz the memory bigger also 1GB! but if you try to download 150 to 200 songs with 128kbps format! my god n70ME was very slow, its too slow. i think the ME was not succesfuly perfect built! Hehey so i contendent with my N70, NOT THE ME ever!

  • siraj


u said that u r much familier with this cell phone so plz clear me the difference b/w n70 and n70ME and which one is better ... one thing more that how its speed get effected on loading new softwares on it and by increasing memory to 1gb ... thank u

  • Mohammed

dina & maha u can buy this fone its sooooooo nice and good i have my n70 from 3 monthe so i can answer about any Q

  • maha

i love the fone n m so buyin it!!!! plz plz all u gals readin this tell me will this fone fit in my tiny clutch (small purse)???????????

  • Tsepz

this is a common problem with the N70@ Dina, my frends N70 is the same so he had to delete alot of hz music

  • dina

hi everyone!

i just bought n70ME for more than a month now.i observed that its turning to be slower everytime i add up songs.i already have i guess more or less 120 songs in my you know guys how to compress them so i can save more songs in my cp???please help!any comments or suggestions will be of great help!

thanks to everyone who'll post a rep!

  • puppy

this phones key pad is not so good you cant play games key pads are very small.


this is quite good but not as good as it looks, the only disadvantages are is tha this phone hangs many times & the battery runs out quikly.