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Nokia N70

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  • mL

hi guys!

This phone really rocks! I was about to buy n6680 but thank God I researched about the nseries. I think n70 is way better than n6680. About n90, I think n90 is good also but I think it doesn't have any fm radio. (I think, I haven't read the full specs of n90, correct me if I'm wrong) n90 and n70 are both great but I think it really depends on you which phone to choose(based it through your schedule and lifestyle). I think when you like taking pictures, I prefer n90 but make sure that you don't music that much. Here in the Philippines, with FM radio phones are most bought because Filipinos are really music lovers. well, in the n70, both can be achieved, if you love taking pictures and at the same time, love music go for n70, it's your choice. And I think n90 is good in taking pictures but the only problem is, it's a flip phone, you need to take a good care of it.(some Filipinos are reckless) With these 2 phones with great function will really cost a lot in the philippines maybe around 30,000 pesos and above. Here in the philippines, it's better to buy a phone after a month or twice because you would surely save a lot of money! and you're sure that you're buying the right phone hahaha......

peace out. any mistakes that occured, well I'm sorry

  • bvmjcgfmj

nice phone!

  • PranavPC

wow N70 is too kool. can any1 tell release date & approx cost.
im abt to buy 6230i next week...later will get N70 too !!

  • eitannnnnnnnn

Good phone. Too bad it doesn't have more phone memory. cause 35MB is just not enough for 2 MP camera. I know there is a memory card,but still...
Maybe Nokia will add some MBs before start selling it.

  • Al-Jehani

Dear all,

I think Nokia is the worest company making mobiles, because they never make one mobile has all good featerues , for example, 7610 has Buletoth , and other after don't have. WHY like this... Thanks.

  • Anonymous

CMOS even N90 wif also uses a CMOS len

  • colin

what kind of camera it using? CCD or CMOS?

  • colin

what camera it using? CCD or CMOS?

  • kiril

it seems like a great phone..but i can not decide between n70 or k750i...??k750i has a sd memoru card wich is easier to find and N70 RS MMC its too hard to find..TELL ME WHAT TO DO?nokia n70 or k750i?

  • styxx

The N70 looks really good. And its size is ok, as well. As for its more relevant tech spex: a 2MP camera, a newER version of Symbian 8 (I think), and its 3G capabilities make this phone downright awesome. I wonder why the FCC hasn't approved them yet.

  • Venkatraman

Camera is good, but the talktime is a poor 3.5 Hrs. Thats too low for a high end phone like this.

  • Yoda

I am using the 6680, other that the fantastic looking keypad lighting in the dark, everyting about the phone sucks!!! And i'm about to try the N70 out considering Nokia added a very important feature in the phone "RADIO".

Whether its a clone, i personally feel Nokia may seriously want to input a better & more stable version of Symbian in this N70 phone coz the one in the 6680 is terrible, fancy getting "kicked" out occasionally when trying to access a program or better still it states something like "phone memory is full, please close some programs" what is this?????

N70 please don't let me down considering i've switched from SE700i to N6680 & its a let down. But i will still give this N70 a try before I may seriously quit on Nokia phones like i previously did.

So before anyone says its a stupid clone think again, no phone manufacturer will clone a phone. a clone means "IDENTICAL" well the N70 does have many differences from the N6680 & i emphasize the radio function, so read the specs carefully.

No offence to anyone :) cheers

  • Anonymous

i dont really need a great camera fine...N70 has 3D engine...okayz fer gaming...

  • the lost one

infra red may be useless for data transfers but it may be needed for the gadget work. for example iRremote software cannot work on these new phones.

but i like this phone. i hope they release a model without 3G like 6681 was to 6680. some users dont need 3G.

  • Anonymous

will this have loud 3d stereo sound ?

  • previous nokia fans

this is the most pro phone i had never seen before !!!

  • Anonymous

carphonewharehouse (UK) say this will be coming in december..

they are currently 'overbooked' with the 6680, so unless you reserved it *two months* ago, you have to wait - even the online shops are selling out fast!

  • dede

When is it coming???I wana change my 3650 i dont like flip NOKIA it's weird...NOKIA in flip phone its like i have samsung...i wana get this...and it has everything...i'm not getting NOKIA without Memory's cool if 7260 has memory card...come one blow it off

  • Anonymous


*actually this phone ain't that big it is small compared to other phones with less features than it. some phones smaller than this don't have as much features as this either. i agree that this might be the best pick of the three. the 4gb hdd on the nokia n91 can easily break if a slight file is corrupted and then the whole phone is messed up whereas if the phone took memory cards and a file got corrupted on the memory card then it will be a lot cheaper replacing a memory card compared to the hdd which is the whole phone practically. as for the nokia n90 that is an impressive phone also with the carl zeiss specs but i just don't like flip phones because the flip phones that my friends had all broke whereas when they had the normal shaped phones they never broke. also i don't like the thought of the twisting screen because i seen a phone with the twisting screen and when someone twisted the screen it snapped in two. even though nokia n70 doesn't have the 4gb hdd or the carl zeiss optics of the other two n series phones i feel more safe with the n70.*


  • Valuck

Hey guys and gals. Just posting my opinion. out of everythin i have researched in the N series specs, The N91 does seem to better only due to the 4 gig which mainly will be used for downloading music onto, but come on people, you better off buying an MP3 player. The N70 is a good phone, and the main reason being is because it should be cheaper than the others firstly because its not got a 4 gig drive and secondly less technology is used compared to the N90 for its rotating head. a bad point about loads of flip phones alike is that they break easier like that. I would recomoend N70 for those reasons as the rest of the features are more of the same!!!