Nokia N73

Nokia N73

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  • Sonu, Kerala, India

I have this phone (from 2008 onwards). But now battery dead. Searching for new battery. I took many printouts of photographs taken in this 3.15 MP camera.

  • Sonu, Kerala, India

GUri, 22 Nov 2019In this can we use 16Gb memory card???No dear. Supports upto 2GB only.

  • GUri

In this can we use 16Gb memory card???

  • Anonymous

Macbeth, 01 Jul 2018December 2008? No offence, but you're way off.But good fone

  • Anonymous

D-Tox, 25 Apr 2006The Nokia N73 is expected be available from July 2006, in three ... moreNo, came in august

  • Anonymous

Sumit, 29 Dec 2014I have a nokia n73.but whats app is not to work what... moreCan play mp4 video & mp3 & musicbattry acupe

  • Anonymous

SHANAWAZ KHAN, 12 Jan 2015i want nokia n 73Can 1 year warranty

  • Anonymous

Oh, that shit joystick button that never worked...

  • yep

still works

  • Faiz khan

My first camera phone in 2009 and really camera was amazing and also sound was amazing .

  • samar

anonimous, 11 Mar 2019It was one of the best Nokia cell phones I've ever had. Incredib... moreyes, i still use..

  • zacky

lol i had this phone for like 10 yrs till 2017.i changed it to my mother's nokia n95

My first phone. Was the king at the time.

  • anonimous

Farman, 08 Jan 2019really? someone still use it and comment on it. who read this in... moreIt was one of the best Nokia cell phones I've ever had. Incredible that there are still people who continue to use this cell phone.

  • arafat

i'm using n73 living bangladesh.But its internet speed is very slow.max 3g speed 17KBps and 2g speed is about 20-25KBps or sometimes more less..what should i do now for increasing net speed...

  • hboss89

Good fone still use one in 2019. Just my battery seem to be useless because it reboots sometimes

  • Farman

really? someone still use it and comment on it. who read this in 2019?
it was good phone carl zeis lens were the best at that time!

  • sisu

nice phone my first smart phone good

  • Akki

Nokia n73
excellent phone
only one problem is that the joystick bottom of this phone does not work properly.. I rate this phone 6/10 & I like this phone

  • miki

hardi, 12 Feb 2018where we can buy this Nokia N73 it just my heart beat