Nokia N73

Nokia N73

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  • max

I guess if this one had WiFi, there'd be no reason to buy N93 right?? too bad though...

  • Anonymous

Nokia listened - I am so glad- bigger internal memory - autofocus ,good designs.I wanted the N80 but I think i will wait for the N73 now !

  • Bronz

my dreams become true ok! finaly nokia use autofocus lense in phones,thankyou for your suport.

  • Nokia

Yes the N73, N72 & N93 will have vibration.

  • x-type

omg 3d surround sound is great finalyy

  • Ravi Kumar

Looks Like Sony Ericsson Walkman edition ;)

  • 9820162010

i am really waiting for this cell phone

  • Jimmy from Hvidovre,

Would have loved Wlan and where the h..l is UPnP. I thougt they wanted to promote "the true integrated multimedia home" or something like that. Is it exclusively for the N80 or what???
With these 2 shortcomings I'm seriously considering going for the N80 after all.

Cheers Jimmy

  • Sash

Arite, D-Tox, when is this thing coming out?
You know everything. I want this real bad; even ready to wait another 6 months!

  • bassam

at least a good phone a good design after 7610 ,6680(1) this one i like,and have good features

  • Anonymous

just a pity it didn't have tv out like the N93

  • labalbi

This is a killer ! Great display ! Great Specs ! Letīs see a review , though ! The big question is : Can we expect another Nokiaīs delay as we saw with N91 ? I was goingo to buy a Imate Jamin , but Iīve just decided to that Nokia launches one of the best Symbians phones ever ...From Brazil regards folks..

  • Anonymous

Rogers and fido & a new provider videotron will carrie this phone in abote six mounts when the new 3G network inplanted .
Ericsson are working for rogers wierless testing and building a 3G network in canada
rogers will have like the sony ericsson w810 or nokia 6682 but nokia samsung d820 but ...
nokia is coming in strong with the N series in canada this will be one of theire new 3.2mp phones nokia are in competition with S E k790 !

  • Anonymous

he scores with 850 mhz nokia as won the cup

  • Johny

Looks so... so...flat?

  • D-Tox

yes Vibrationi is on this phone and also on the N93

  • david

wow!! I love this phone so much!!

  • Anonymous

ILL ugly compared to the N70 but more feature rich compared to the N70.......But still it doesnt look nice

  • Stevo

This phone ROCKZ!!! But im gonna wait and get the N93 bcoz the N73 doesn't have WLAN..... Which is a priority for me..