Nokia N73

Nokia N73

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  • Anonymous

i don't think this phone will be available within 18 months time, by then lots of new phone and new features from other brand will come out and this phone will not be interesting anymore

  • kEn

? why is the vibration a " ? " means no vib? or wat?

  • Noble Stead

Ok guys you will have a long wait, this is nokia and you do understand its going to be a good 10 months or so before this phone does actual come on to the i wouldnt hol dmy breath waiting for it to become avabile. So i recommend not waiting for this phone cos your going to be camping outside a shop for a long long time yet.

  • tui

What a great phone! I just wonder if it don't have vibration function like N90 (also have Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus function), hehe.

  • DnB

hm I just don't understand the point of this device. 1st of all, only few changes from Nokia N70 - appearance, slightly better and bigger display, and a .. camera with additional megapixel + poor carl zeiss optics (remember when N90 lost camera test to SE K750). Also big minus there not wifi. So isn't better choice a Nokia N80? Who has N70 i doubt will change to this one. Who haven't and want to buy - will buy N80. So...? :))

  • Praxedes

When this phone will be available and how much it costs????????

  • PED

Yeahhh!! Nokia is back to the market.. Great phones.. really great new phones.. charming, powerfull little gadjets annmm!! Damn in Brazil there's no GSM 3G...

  • greg

Wow! This phone is definitely the awesome!! Large nice QVGA screen. Zeiss optics + autofocus! I mean wow!! Cool features!!

I hope it will come in Jul-Sep since Nokia said 3rd qtr. this year! Don't delay it please!! But I reckon this will be very expensive. What do you think guys?

  • silent

this phone looks ugly i still prefer n70 looks

  • xkalibur

Will it have an option to switch to horizontal web browsing?

  • Sash

Says it will be released in July this summer. I hope Nokia will keep its promise; don't wanna be in the same situation as I was with the fisrt N-series phones......

  • D-Tox

and 30 FPS video

tht is why its better

  • max

I guess if this one had WiFi, there'd be no reason to buy N93 right?? too bad though...

  • Anonymous

Nokia listened - I am so glad- bigger internal memory - autofocus ,good designs.I wanted the N80 but I think i will wait for the N73 now !

  • Bronz

my dreams become true ok! finaly nokia use autofocus lense in phones,thankyou for your suport.

  • Nokia

Yes the N73, N72 & N93 will have vibration.

  • x-type

omg 3d surround sound is great finalyy

  • Ravi Kumar

Looks Like Sony Ericsson Walkman edition ;)

  • 9820162010

i am really waiting for this cell phone

  • Jimmy from Hvidovre,

Would have loved Wlan and where the h..l is UPnP. I thougt they wanted to promote "the true integrated multimedia home" or something like that. Is it exclusively for the N80 or what???
With these 2 shortcomings I'm seriously considering going for the N80 after all.

Cheers Jimmy