Nokia N73

Nokia N73

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  • Jimmy from Hvidovre,

Would have loved Wlan and where the h..l is UPnP. I thougt they wanted to promote "the true integrated multimedia home" or something like that. Is it exclusively for the N80 or what???
With these 2 shortcomings I'm seriously considering going for the N80 after all.

Cheers Jimmy

  • Sash

Arite, D-Tox, when is this thing coming out?
You know everything. I want this real bad; even ready to wait another 6 months!

  • bassam

at least a good phone a good design after 7610 ,6680(1) this one i like,and have good features

  • Anonymous

just a pity it didn't have tv out like the N93

  • labalbi

This is a killer ! Great display ! Great Specs ! Letīs see a review , though ! The big question is : Can we expect another Nokiaīs delay as we saw with N91 ? I was goingo to buy a Imate Jamin , but Iīve just decided to that Nokia launches one of the best Symbians phones ever ...From Brazil regards folks..

  • Anonymous

Rogers and fido & a new provider videotron will carrie this phone in abote six mounts when the new 3G network inplanted .
Ericsson are working for rogers wierless testing and building a 3G network in canada
rogers will have like the sony ericsson w810 or nokia 6682 but nokia samsung d820 but ...
nokia is coming in strong with the N series in canada this will be one of theire new 3.2mp phones nokia are in competition with S E k790 !

  • Anonymous

he scores with 850 mhz nokia as won the cup

  • Johny

Looks so... so...flat?

  • D-Tox

yes Vibrationi is on this phone and also on the N93

  • david

wow!! I love this phone so much!!

  • Anonymous

ILL ugly compared to the N70 but more feature rich compared to the N70.......But still it doesnt look nice

  • Stevo

This phone ROCKZ!!! But im gonna wait and get the N93 bcoz the N73 doesn't have WLAN..... Which is a priority for me..

  • D-Tox

this phone will be about 500 Euros

  • Musli

maybe i will buy it someday, when it will be a lot cheaper ^^

  • adam

that is how nokia company works... they will put a 3d speakers and some enhancment, put wont give u optical zooms or a 12 million colouring screen and tv channels recieving ability...for me n92 is still on the top ,veven above n93

  • benyeap

Sure the screen is only 18-bit colors with QVGA resolution? Seriously, I expect something more.

  • fady

i will say for all ho are on the web now dont buy this mobile because nokia i am very mad from it after one week you weel saw n94 and n81 and you will mad please iam giveng you my opinion ok like me i boght n70-then i saw n71-then isaw n80-ibought n80-now its n73 dammit

  • Anonymous


  • Noble Stead

Its mircle yet more phones for you guys to wait for lol. its the same old game again. get you all hyped up again then leave you hanging. while you wait yet again. im sure it will be good. so enjoy the the wait once again.