Nokia N78

Nokia N78

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  • Ardian

This mobile for me it is the most greates mobile phone in the world

  • Anonymous

next n 73 ? oh hell no.its an ungainly cross between n73 and n 81.but 1 thing i must add that now a days nokia offers bigger and better screen than most other manufacturers {sony ericsson please note}

  • ChinNgee

design like N82 leh..but tis wan jz all phone is 5megapixel ready yet...

  • Anonymous

how come in the picture it looks like there is only one row of bottons how can you text with only 1 row of bottons

  • Anonymous

oh my gosh, the keys look even more difficult to type on than the W880...

  • alianjurist

its smart but it has not ir....

  • Anonymous

This phone does not deserve to be called the 'Next N73' I bet not even 1/8th of the amount N73 will be sold.

N82--- Now thats the flagship!1

N7x series is proving to be a failure and N8x is growing better and better

  • Andy Burgin

Thank God Nokia at last releasing a Black mobile an not letting people down as there usual trend is release a silver on then a couple of months after release the improved Black one this as happened to nearly all the Nseries mobiles ihave bought the N73,N95 an now the N82

  • Ngodgor

another crap from Nokia? the same boring S60 over and over again?

it is just a dumped down N82 that is. They even use N82's body to save money.

what a crap phone


  • persian soldier

it is fully featured but not so beautiful

  • Krit

One heck of a useless phone!!
Wheres N82??
10x better

But hold on----

BATTERY 1200 mah!!!!!!!!!

Pity N96 has 950mah

  • Dan

My next phone!