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Nokia N79

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  • diwakar_bhu

i wana buy this phone can anybody tells that how the sound of this gud pls help and thanx pls

  • aelva

Very nice mobile having good clarity! sound is normal enough...having many features wifi is amazing! can download games having n gage game support too.....!very good selection and good performance!

  • Kamal

Hi every1, i'm plannin to buy this set. I saw mixed opinions abt this set in 1st 4 pages of opinions, some says its d best while some says its d worst. Could any1 pls advice me should i buy it. I also read that nokia has stopped making this set, is it? Thnx in advance.

  • TMT

does any oine kno if i can download motion games like 5800.or will go foe 5800 instead of n79

which do u prefer?

PLZ REPLY.thnx in advance

  • suman

gerald, 17 Dec 2009can n79's front camera take pics as well??>.. pls answer "yes"

  • kirilMKD

Nokia N79 in general is the worst phone i have ever used with the most issues, bugs and little things that can ruin your day. Camera has factory bug that flash lightens the picture, changing the back mask will cause you problems sooner or later, its slow as hell and the casing is weak non quality phone.

  • Saso

Prasanth, 26 Oct 2009Any one having trouble with GPS? When i take Tools->Connectivit... moreI have the same problem, but probably it is software issue, because this started happening when I upgrade the software to 31.002 version.

  • Saso

One month ago I changed the software to 31.002 version and now the GPS works very poorly indoor and outdoor and it is almost impossible to connect. Probably something is wrong with the software because this is happening on the two phones which we have in our company with upgraded software and on the remain two with older software this problem does not exist.
Any solution for the problem or link where to download older version for N79 software.

  • Islam

Hey guys.Great phone.How does it copy texts and conversations from chat applications and web browser?..Please could someone answer...And thanks

  • neo

works good , but facing some difficulties in using a lot . can be repaired easily and will work fine .its good for long time use ,,but need to maintian properly

  • gerald

can n79's front camera take pics as well??>.. pls answer

  • White

Yes, it is confirmed that version 32 is out, but only a minor change, so i don't bother it. Version 31 also quite excellent already.

  • MariC

This is my dream phone....I wish i could have one......


Balkan, 15 Dec 2009havent fm transmitter in some countries where is forbitten, coz ... moreMacedonia country is on the list I have by the mobil from T-mobile - Macedonia and in the services have no cly wath is the FM transmitter by the way customer care is suck they dont know nothing. How to change the software to get the FM transmitter in the meny mysic.


aseem, 15 Dec 2009u should check the memory aviably in ur mobile phoneits nice phone. recently i have ourchased this phone. opions are good.i suggest to purchase this phone.

  • User

Yesterday only i bought my N79 White . I waited for almost 2 hours to get one . What i can say is that N79 white produces much better photo quality than Grey version. I dont know this happens . Any guesses .
I have version v11 installed on my cell

  • alan

which device is best for gaming? so please tell me

  • Balkan

ILIJA, 15 Dec 2009I bye this phone abaout one month is the worst mobil phone I hav... morehavent fm transmitter in some countries where is forbitten, coz that u havent, all phones have hardware fm transmitter.

  • theos83

hi has anyone else had problems when getting an phonecall with anwsering the phone? when i get a phone call and press the anwsering button the phone kinda anwsers the other person can hear me but i cant hear them back and the phone continus to ring and vibrate does anyone know whats wrong and why this happens?

  • aseem

suresh kanna, 30 Nov 2009Hi N79 users.. I have bought a N79 last week. Video recording wa... moreu should check the memory aviably in ur mobile phone