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  • Pranav

Twsiter, 10 Aug 2009hi All, i'm planning to buy this N79 please help me out how t... moreHey dude u shud not compare n79 & n82 as n79 beats n82 in all n82 it has only 2gb expandable memory......and n79 doesnt work dat f9 on full load of mem card wat it does on half the wa of its full space of mem card...................

  • Anonymous

Dilmeet, 09 Aug 2009@malvika if u want cam quality as best u hve 2 luk at N82 but a... moreIts awesomd nd in low cost so dnt mis it buy nw

  • ngage n79

how can i play this ngage in n79 i dont know is it run trough internet? how can i play the games in n79, but this n79 is cool and very love it:-)its simple but cool, nice cam, the memory is good i hope they but buy to me 8gb memory , hehehe, trust me if u are a simple users of cellphone try this not small not big its ok in the color nice.Godbless:-)

  • zim

1.cammera sucks.especily at low lights...
2.keypad worse,pathetic to use
3.Low music quality..4.
4.hangas whenever you seek a function..need to switch off/on again
total failure this time

  • elementaryelement

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Nokia N82 is way Better Than W960

  • Huze

guys i am planning to buy this phone in comparison with 5730m ,, can anyone help me out.. it would be a very nice favor.. one more thing, what i the ram support in n97..

  • NItin Bhalla

Pranav, 10 Aug 2009Hey wherever i go evry shopkeeper tells me dat tv-out function h... moreYes there is TV output function avaliable..In handset under enhancement we have tv-out option..That confirms it...

  • harsh

hey all n79 users just wanna know how to update d firmware of my phone?
mine software is still v11....
just wanna know which is the latest firware for it?
plzzzzzzzz help............

  • Twsiter

hi All,

i'm planning to buy this N79 please help me out how the performance will be if 4GB memory is full and n79 vs n82

please i request your help

thanks in advance

  • elementaryelement

Pranav, 10 Aug 2009Hey wherever i go evry shopkeeper tells me dat tv-out function h... moreit has tv out ,it is on nokia website­kia-n79/tech-specs

and some guys used the n96 cable on n79 and it worked so it has tv out

  • Pranav

Hey wherever i go evry shopkeeper tells me dat tv-out function has been removed 4rm new nokia n79.....they don say that tv-out cable is not there. but they say"NO TV OUT FUNCTION"..........

plzzzzz reply genuinely................

  • elementaryelement

Dilmeet, 10 Aug 2009u r welcme buddyNo problem

My Dad has the N73 (I took the earphones of it and used them on my nokia 5310 ,The sound is louder and the Bass is WAAAY Stronger)

So i Kept them and gave my dad the earphones of nokia 5310

But If I Want New Earphones (I am 99% Sure that i dont need to) i will go for Sennheiser's Headphones(I Bet U Know them)

Sorry for bothering

  • Dilmeet

elementaryelement, 10 Aug 2009Thanks man ,U R amazing if u need any info on any cellphone ... moreu r welcme buddy


dont have xenon flash like n82

  • elementaryelement

Dilmeet, 10 Aug 2009ya sure......bcoz d audio chip is same.....Thanks man ,U R amazing

if u need any info on any cellphone
(Except nokia N79 and N85) ,i am ready to help (I Have Great Knowledge in cell phones too)

  • Vinay

malvika, 07 Aug 2009guys i bout dis phone a day ago.....i liked it very much but i t... morethe picture quality is same as 82.. its superb..
there's no difference of we upload it to newer version..

  • Dilmeet

jhay, 10 Aug 2009N82 - 100MB internal memory,GPRS Class 32, 107 kbps CPU: Dual ... moresorry i meant reply to sandy buddy........and regarding your n82 v/s n79 thing........u r very rite in most of things but n79 hs an edge overall wid latest fw of both the devices.........latest symbian is vid n79 and audio and cam quality is quite gud nw.....but i still recommend n82 to sme1 luking for best cam quality...but keypad, older OS minus the recent enhancements of 9.3 symbian, and lack of xpress on covers, lesser battery life n all do tilt the favour in n79.........let me conclude that both the fones r awesme its just dat for an allround device wid latest software n79 is d best but if u want d best imaging den n82 hs no alternatives and also snce recent firmware hs enhanced audio quality also so it hs narrowed d gap but FP1 and FP2 r things one hs 2 take into the end both r gud but cater to different consumers.....peace.......

  • Dilmeet

sandy , 09 Aug 2009hiii!! m really confused ,,,after listening the views abt the N ... moreboth the fones r gud one is touchscreen wid d best audio is an all in one n series fone......u can't get wrong vid ny 1 of dem n the firmware upgrades for both the fones r d ones wich r reqd to fix those bugs of original firmwares......why can't nokia fix dem earlier i dunno n y dey keep rushing things is sme thng i don't understand.......d new customers den complain that d fones r faulty but actual thing is software is nt up2 mark ........

  • Dilmeet

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2009I Have The Nokia 5310 Xpress music and i like The Headset of ... moreya sure......bcoz d audio chip is same.....

  • jhay

SE fan not now!, 10 Aug 2009One of the best ever Nseries range handset.. There is big diff ... moreN82 - 100MB internal memory,GPRS Class 32, 107 kbps
CPU: Dual ARM 11 332 MHz processor; 3D Graphics HW Accelerator and the 5.0 mp camera has xenon flash.

N79 - has navi wheel and fm transmitter and more colors to choose, longer battery life and thats it, itonly has 83MB internal memory, GPRS Class 11, 107 kbits, CPU: ARM 11 369 MHz processor,

obviously n82 is way faster

for n79, The image processing algorithm has some issues, which obviously affect picture quality. Noise is certainly excessive and there are slight traces of oversharpening based on the test conducted by gsm arena, night pix are even worst, zooming anyone? it takes ages!!! setting up the camera is a pain, settings? doesnt even have exposure setting, contrast, iso setting, sharpness setting, very poor

for n82 The picture quality is great. It's the best 5mp cam you can find on the market, camera set up time is really short, zooming it a breeze, pictures clear up after it was taken, iso settings, exposure, xenaon takes great images at night, its like the real digital camera